DISCOVER YOUR STYLE with Carla & Marie

DISCOVER YOUR STYLE with Carla & Marie

What does style mean to you? Perhaps what is displayed in leading fashion publications? Or maybe what comes out of Milan, New York or Paris Fashion Weeks? We certainly have our own stance when it comes to defining style; which, by the way, has nothing to do with the latest fashion trends.

Style is a beautiful combination of our outer expression and inner essence. It speaks about our overall look, individuality and wardrobe choices. Whether we like it or not, our individual style defines who we are and it sends a clear message straight out to the world.

Are you ready to discover the seven universal styles? Your only task will be to identify your universal style – bearing in mind that you may fit into more than just one.


‘Known for their casual, outdoor and outgoing nature.’

Wears: both functional and comfortable clothing, loves layering, mixing and matching to add versatility.
Colours: neutrals such as tan, khaki, brown, beige and other earth shades.
Celebrities: Jennifer Aniston, Lauren Hutton, Meg Ryan.
The message: approachable, spontaneous, optimistic and fun.


‘Known for their conservative, timeless and moderate nature, by no means extreme or showy.’

Wears: tailored suits with single breasted jackets, conservative skirts, always chooses timeless pieces over trendy outfits.
Colours: neutrals such as navy, grey, beige camel and brown.
Celebrities: Meryl Streep, Martha Stewart, Claire Danes.
The message: trustworthy, organised, dependable and responsible.


‘Are you a creative individual who just loves unusual and unique clothing?’

Wears: imaginative approach to fashion by mixing fabrics moods, colors and shapes in unusual ways.
Colours: black (used as a base to add stronger accessories and prints), mustard, pumpkin, avocado or espresso shades.
Celebrities: Diane Keaton, Christina Ricci, Gwen Stefani.
The message: innovative, independent, unique and emotional.


‘For those curvaceous and sensuous ladies.’

Wears: clothes evolve around the enhancement of the body. One or two pieces worn at a time e.g. just a dress without a jacket – to bring attention to their figure.
Colours: black, white and daring colours; such as purple, red, strong pink, electric blue, turquoise.
Celebrities: Salma Hayek, Catherine Zeta Jones, Marilyn Monroe.
The message: exciting, daring, provocative and self-assured.


‘Immaculately dressed, refined and graceful.’

Wears: perfectly co-ordinated outfits, including shoes and accessories, tailored jackets and mono-chromatic dressing.
Colours: cream, beige, grey, black and slate blue.
Celebrities: Nicole Kidman, Grace Kelly, Cate Blanchett.
The message: cultivated, refined, meticulous and proper.


‘Soft, gentle and very feminine.’

Wears: soft, feminine pieces, loves pretty colours, prints and details (in the collars or shoulders), fabrics flow loosely over the body.
Colours: white, cream, powder blue, dusty navy, light pink, lavender, peach or pale yellow.
Celebrities: Kate Hudson, Princess Diana, Kate Winslet.
The message: Supporting, caring, gentle and warm.


‘Strong, confident and powerful presence, also reflected in their clothing.’

Wears: statement pieces in the shapes of coats, jackets and suits, exaggerated fashion cuts, colours and bold accessories.
Colours: black, white plus a bold colour such as purple, red, intense yellow, royal blue or emerald green.
The message: Powerful, sophisticated, assertive and confident.
Celebrities: Diana Vreeland, Paloma Picasso, Anjelica Huston.


‘Style is a beautiful aura surrounding each of us as individuals.’

Image Consultants: Carla & Marie (IG: @thestylistes)
Source: Style Source by Alice Parsons

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