Discover Your Body Shape

Discover Your Body Shape

Wouldn’t it be amazing to find clothes that fit perfectly for every occasion? What if your wardrobe choices made you feel and look great every time you went out? The good news is this may be simpler than you think. Understanding your body and embracing it can make a difference in your life and the way you feel about yourself.
This month’s section is all about learning the secrets of how to dress for your body shape. So be ready to take some notes and apply these valuable lessons next time you go shopping!



The first step to finding your body shape is measuring yourself on three points – your shoulders or bust, your waist and your hips. It is important to measure the widest point of your shoulders and hips and the thinnest point of your waist. Take a note of these figures and continue reading to find out your body shape.



All women fit into one of the following categories. Can you identify which best relates to your own body features?

Triangle – When hips are wider than shoulders with a defined waist.
Measurement fact: Your hips are more than 5% bigger than your shoulders or bust.
Best pick: Fitted printed tops and flare dresses.
Why: Will show off how slight you are on top and are roomier from the waist down for your curvier bottom half.
Don’ts: Flashy bottoms made with thick materials will draw attention and add volume to your bottom half.

Inverted Triangle – When shoulders are larger than hips.
Measurement fact: Your shoulder/bust measurement is more than 5% bigger than your hip measurement
Best pick: Fitted jackets with a nipped-in waist and a flared bottom.
Why: The defined waist and flare over your hips create the illusion of lower-body curves and will help balance out your broad shoulders.
Don’ts: Big collars, chunky knits, double breasted jackets, high waisted trousers, chunky necklaces.

Rectangle – When shoulders, waist and hips measure pretty much the same.
Measurement fact: Your waist is less than 25% smaller than your shoulder/bust and your shoulder, bust and hip measurements are within 5% of each other.
Best pick: Skirts with volume-increasing details like ruffles, bows or embellishments.
Why: They fill out your slight hips and balance your upper body.
Don’ts: Tight belts, straight items, big shoulder pads.

Hourglass – When shoulders and hips measure more or less the same and the waist is defined/smaller.
Measurement fact: Your waist is at least 25% smaller than your shoulder/bust, your waist is at least 25% smaller than your hips and your shoulder and hip measurements are within 5% of each other.
Best pick: Wrap tops and dresses.
Why: Accentuate your waist and enhance your hourglass figure.
Don’ts: Shapeless straight garments, short jackets, chunky knits, angular designs.

Oval – When weight sits in the tummy area but with smaller shoulders and hips.
Measurement fact: Your chest and waist measurements are fairly close but your hips are about six inches smaller than your chests.
Best pick: Above the knee skirt or shorts.
Why: Brings the attention to your gorgeous legs.
Don’ts: Belts, sleeves finishing near your bust, details or volume near tummy area, high-waist trousers, clutch bags, petite shoes or Ugg boots.


Who doesn’t like a little bit of gossip? It’s always fun finding out the body shapes of our beloved celebrities. Also, it can help us identify our own body shape, as we may find similarities with their shapes.
They all look gorgeous in their own size and shape, don’t you think? Hence, we encourage you all to be happy with your own body, embrace your shape and make the most of it by dressing for your body shape.


Women with a triangle body shape are feminine, with tiny shoulders and curvaceous hips. They account for 20% of the female population and we want to show you two looks that will certainly fit any triangle body shape lady to perfection.


When dressing for a triangle body shape we have to bear in mind that our top half is our focus, therefore a shirt with exposed shoulders, as per the image, does exactly that. These bell bottom jeans create balance with the shoulders, giving the illusion of smaller hips, which is the area we want to slightly camouflage.

Adding a biker jacket that sits between your waist and hips will do the trick and the bandana, adds that extra bit of rock star style! When it comes to handbags stay away from those sitting at your hip level, a shoulder bag being an optimal choice.



The mention of a printed crop top is music to our ears and is perfect for all triangle shape ladies. Keep it simple with an A-line black skirt and a slim belt to highlight that gorgeous waist. To complete the look, bring the fun out with an elephant shaped bag and super stylish mustard sandals. What do you think about this chic and elegant look for a special night out?

Photography: Diana Nasif

Hair & Makeup: Maison de Joelle

Carla & Marie’s Wardrobe: The Kooples

Image Consultants: Carla Otero & Marie Auffret

Location: DIFC (Dubai)




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