Disconnect To Reconnect: Detox

Disconnect To Reconnect: Detox
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by: José Berrocoso

Now the fun and festivities are over, it is a chance to be indulgent in another way. Would you like to lose a few kilos, increase your fitness, de-stress or simply have some ‘me’ time? You need a detox therapy.

Find out a selection of the best detox retreats around the world that pride themselves on amazing food, great results and personalized care. Cleanse your mind, body and soul in the pioneering wellness clinic dedicated to the improvement of people´s wellbeing; realign your mind in a silent meditation in Bali; enjoy a traditional oriental Hamman; jump into hot waters in a ghost town; or spend a few hours relaxing in the famous thermal baths in Budapest. Why not make your next holiday a healthy one?


Where: Dunton Hot Springs, San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Buried in rural and rocky Colorado, Dunton Hot Springs hotel is a mountain-surrounded former mining town, reincarnated in boutique cabin form. The old village Dance Hall, Bath House and Saloon are part of this unique retreat, where soothing springs, majestic mountains and a winding river make up the great outdoors. Each cabin is cosily kitted out with heated slate floors, unique bathtubs and hand-picked antiques.


The Spa treatments available at Dunton provide an experience you will not find anywhere else. After a day spent hiking or riding horses, indulge yourself in holistic and therapeutic healing. The Spa specializes in totally natural treatments, in surroundings that can only help to relax and rejuvenate. The treatments include skin care, body wraps and scrubs, and massage.

Springs with high mineral content are recommended for various therapeutic uses. In addition to the value of the trace minerals found in most hot springs, and the stimulating benefits of highly mineralized waters, bathing in bicarbonate water assists opening peripheral blood vessels and helps to improve circulation to the body`s extremities and magnesium converts blood sugar to energy and promotes healthy skin.

They offer six ways to take to the waters, which range in temperature from 30ºC to 40ºC: inside the restored 19th century bathhouse, under the stars at the original source, in the pool outside the bathhouse, in the pool behind the Dunton Store cabin, inside well house cabin and out on the river (Christoph’s spring).


Where: Bliss Body Retreat, Bali

For those who may not be familiar, a Vipassana, which literally means, ‘to see things as they really are’, is a 10-day retreat in which one takes a vow of noble silence and practices meditation for a minimum of 10 hours per day, every day. No use of electronics, reading, writing, exercising, speaking, touching, or even eye contact is permitted during this time.

Vipassana is a form of mental training that will teach you to experience the world in an entirely new way. You will learn for the first time what is truly happening to you, around you and within you. It is a process of self-discovery, a participatory investigation in which you observe your own experiences while participating in them as they occur.

The practice must be approached with this attitude: ‘Never mind what I have been taught. Forget about theories and prejudices and stereotypes. I want to understand the true nature of life. I want to know what this experience of being alive really is. I want to apprehend the true and deepest qualities of life, and I don´t want to just accept somebody else´s explanation. I want to see it for myself’.


Where: Géllert Bath, Budapest

Bathing in thermal waters has been part of the culture in Budapest for centuries for two main reasons: One, millions of litres of thermal water is available from underneath the Hungarian capital through hot springs, and two, the medicinal features these waters provide.


Founded in 1918, Gellért Bath is the most famous Art Nouveau thermal bath in Hungary as well as in Europe. The building features both elaborately tiled walls and warm water pools that contain calcium, magnesium, hydro carbonate, alkalis, chloride, sulfate and fluoride, which many claim can cure everything from joint pain to respiratory illness. Because the skin is the human body’s largest organ, these minerals are easily absorbed and get directly into the bloodstream and into the body’s myriad of cells.

A visit to Gellért Bath is a wonderful way to spend a few hours relaxing in Budapest. Enjoying the warm water surrounded by stunning architecture is simply a must for any visitor to the Hungarian capital.


Where: SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain

Set in unparalleled surroundings near the beach in Alicante, SHA is a pioneering wellness clinic dedicated to the improvement and notable prolongation of people´s wellbeing through the combination of Oriental disciplines and revolutionary Western techniques. This combination re-establishes a harmonious balance between body, mind and spirit. SHA’s major fields are natural health, anti-ageing and non-invasive Aesthetic medicine.

The SHA Method combines the effective elements of modern macrobiotic nutrition and the curative potential of natural therapies with a dynamic and practical educative program, all completely personalised to satisfy the individual´s needs in relation to their health objectives and supervised by internationally renowned experts.

This intensive programme is ideal for those looking for evident results in a short period of time. Suited for persons suffering from weight issues, fatigue, stress, depression and anxiety, the SHA method is focused on recovering the ideal state of health and vitality though diet and other therapies to stabilise your metabolism, reduce blood sugar and cholesterol and help you reach your ideal weight. The programme aims to allow you to help you maintain your weight for life and gain health and energy by teaching you how to approach food adequately.

The fabulous minimalist architecture, coastline views, outdoor yoga sessions and macrobiotic cooking classes are truly inspiring.


Where: One & Only Royal Mirage, Dubai

At a hammam, you wash away all your troubles. The dead and dry skin, the tired muscles and the knotted nerves. And when it is done in an oasis, there is a higher level of peace and satisfaction. And the hammam treatment at the One & Only Royal Mirage in Dubai is most certainly a good one.

The Traditional Oriental Hammam experience has long played a part in the cultural and social life of eastern cities. An ‘oasis of retreat’ from daily stresses, entering the Hammam is akin to a journey: winding corridors turn this way and that, dramatic archways entice you on; until, suddenly, one enters the heart of Hamman, a haven of space, warmth and comfort. The calming sound of running water echoes from the ornately tiled walls, while the gentle and gracious attendant completes the sense of escape.

Between warm steam sessions, this experience consists of a deep cleansing with traditional black soap, a vigorous ‘loofah’ body scrubbing. A light relaxing massage with various stretching movements in the heart of the Hammam will complete the experience.

The One & Only Spa has an extensive menu of services, which include body wraps, body massage, face treatments, sun treatments and men-only treatment too.



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