Didier Jardin

Didier Jardin
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“Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.”

‘I believe that life is one big journey to many great destinations. Each one of us must find the one we can call home’, says Didier Jardin, the French born, globe-trotting General Manager of the newly opened Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Alshaya. Like all great journeys, Jardin’s began humbly as a farmer’s son, milking cows day in and day out in northern France. There was no time for vacations or holidays, but plenty of time for dreaming. It was a summer job as a dishwasher at a hotel in the Pyrenees that forever changed the course of his life. From the moment he left, he was enchanted with the hospitality industry and chose to pursue degrees in Food and Beverage and Hotel Management.

Other than a short compulsory stint in the French Navy, Jardin has worked exclusively in the hospitality industry for over twenty years. From Paris to Bermuda, from Montreal to Hawaii, from Cairo to Kuwait, and dozens of other places in between, Jardin still believes that hospitality is the most exciting and rewarding industry to be a part of. ‘To be able to create unforgettable memories for our guests is the most satisfying aspect of our work’, shares Jardin; and though he’s been around the world he considers himself particularly lucky to serve as the General Manager of the first Four Seasons address in Kuwait.

Jardin leads a diverse team of more than 450 passionate hospitality professionals on a beautiful property that represents a stylish new centerpiece for the city, setting new benchmarks in luxury hospitality. Long ago he learned that the key to being a great leader didn’t lie in simply being able to expertly run a new division – anyone with grit and determination could do that – it took expertly managing people and consistently learning from them in order to become a true leader. At the Four Seasons, Jardin is committed to creating a work environment that is inclusive and collaborative. His work ethic is firm but he still prides himself on being fun; he hopes to always inspire his colleagues to translate hard work into unforgettable experiences – whether for their customers or in their personal lives.

For Jardin, true success is more than growing a career. ‘In a time and age when everything is changing by the minute, my definition of success is simple – finding true happiness in anything and everything you do’. He enjoys traveling with his wife and twin daughters who are a source of strength and inspiration in his life. He and his wife consider the bright, beautiful, talented and responsible young women their daughters have grown into, to be their greatest achievement.

For anyone else looking for a bit of inspiration, Jardin encourages, ‘Amidst all the action happening around you, be it professional commitments or personal relationships, remember that it is important to live a life worth living. Find out what makes it so’.

When he heard he was chosen as one of CP’s Inspiring Men of 2017, Jardin said, ‘I am humbled by this honor, but this is not my achievement alone, this is a testament to my team’s trust and confidence in my leadership abilities, and I am deeply thankful for their support’.


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