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Dr. Samar Baqer//


At this time of the year, everybody talks about setting new goals and writing a new list of resolutions. This excitement about goals starts to fade by the beginning of February. One should wonder about the main reasons behind this kind of failing attitude. Why do we start to feel disappointed very early in the year?

What most of us fail to recognize is that we carry blockages in our mind over the years. Those blockages will always slow down our growth. But the good news is, we can cleanse our mind of them and move forward. I will start to identify the main blockages and if you find yourself having two or more of them, then definitely you need to detox your mind.

1-Comparison: Each one of us is unique in his/her way of growth and progression. If your brother loses 10kg in one month and you lose only 3, and you both followed the same diet and workout system, then this is how your body is built and you need to accept and embrace it.
2-Exaggeration: Setting yourself to failure starts with unattainable goals. When you plan for a year, or even 5 years, you need to be realistic. Dream big but only when you know for sure that you can reach the big dream.
3-Open-ended time line: Lacking clear deadlines is just an encouragement to become lazy and postpone actions.
4-Great goals but no tasks: The goal is just a nice dream if it is not attached to a list of tasks and actions that can help you achieve and succeed. I have to lose weight. Great, most of us share this goal but we need to plan and organize our lifestyle to get rid of the extra kilos.
5-Complaining: When we see the dark side of every story, we can never enjoy the happy ending. You need to have a positive perspective and push yourself forward. Complaining leads to depression and self-doubts.
6-The blame game: Believe me, you are enough. If you keep on blaming your genetics, parents, boss, or luck, then you will never grow and succeed. You are the only one responsible for your own progress.

Now that we know the blockages, how do we detox our body and mind from them?

Throughout the years I learned my lessons the hard way and I had to do extensive training to change my mindset. Yes, this is the magic word. You need to build a new mindset. If I were to recommend one major New Year resolution, it would be to change your mindset. You need to have a growth mindset that pushes you to accomplish and succeed in life. Changing your mindset requires mainly the following:

1-Determination and discipline: You need to be serious about your decision to accomplish your goals. Major decisions come with responsibilities. You might have to give up a few fun activities and replace them with learning and development activities. You might not spend money on high end brands or dining in fancy restaurants because you paid one third of your current salary to attend an important online seminar that starts at 2:00am Kuwait time. When you have that kind of discipline, you will find yourself enhancing your strengths and fixing your weaknesses. Invest in learning because you will never know all it takes to become successful. No-one has a secret recipe. You need to create your own recipe of success through the hard work and the learning process.
2-Realistic approach: It is not healthy to lose 10kg from your body weight in one week. In fact, it is dangerous. Setting goals is amazing but you need to be smart about the way you measure your success and set deadlines. If you lose half a kilo in one week, it will still be a success.
3-Continuous affirmation: Negativity and self-doubt are increasingly blocking the success of many people. Keep on reminding yourself that you are strong and powerful. Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself as if you are a devoted fan. Repeat positive messages to yourself. It will change your mood and it will put you on success mode in a matter of minutes. Repeat this every day.
4-Invest in growth: Talk to mentors. Do not rely on your friends and immediate family. Look for people who had the same struggles but still made it in life. Be around successful people. This is how you should spend your time. Read books, take courses, attend seminars and register for master classes.
5-Health and love come first: This is the most important point to consider. Your relationships with your spouse, kids, family and friends are very important. They will always be your support and your army to fight for more success. They should know that they are priority. Love can make the journey happier and sweeter. Of course, you need to love yourself first. This starts by taking care of your health. Following a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy food and regular exercise will transform you body and your mind. When you look in the mirror and see your amazing body and your glowing skin, your affirmations will double in power.

Keep on training yourself for a future full of success and happiness. Remember that you deserve all kinds of positive outcomes. Manifesting a magnificent vision requires serious work and a strong set of beliefs.

Wishing everybody a very happy new year full of growth and success.

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