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Sumptuous Saturday Brunch in Kuwait at Crowne Plaza Al Thuraya City

I had heard great reviews of the Saturday Brunch at Sakura restaurant, located in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, but had never had the chance to visit. However, I recently discovered that they have re-launched it with an enhanced menu and I didn’t want to miss out again! So, last Saturday I reserved a table and went for the buffet brunch.


Brief Background on Sakura: A Top Place for Japanese Dining
Sakura has a solid reputation for being one of the best Japanese restaurants in Kuwait. Open for more than 20 years, the highly skilled chefs use fresh ingredients and artful presentation to appeal to diverse senses. Dishes are prepared according to age-old Japanese culinary traditions with added modern flair for even more appeal.

Relaxed Ambience and Attractive Appearance
Part of any great dining experience is the setting, and Sakura doesn’t disappoint. The restaurant has an understated elegance and stylish simplicity. The cushioned seats are soft and there’s plenty of space between tables to not worry about banging into people each time you get up to replenish your plate. With long tables of food at both sides, you don’t need to worry about a rush of diners at one time causing congestion. The atmosphere is unhurried and relaxed and you can take your time over brunch and enjoy good conversation with your companion(s).


Feast Till You’re Full
Sakura’s Saturday Brunch provides the opportunity to feast on as much as you can, with plenty of tempting dishes to sample. Make sure you come hungry as, if you’re anything like me, you’re sure to want to try everything … and then go back for more!


Everything is labeled so you know exactly what you’re tucking into. Salivate over sushi and sashimi and savour various mouth-watering salads. Daikon, crab, seafood, and red cabbage with ramen and chicken are just a few of the flavourful salads you can pile up on your plate. Soups, grilled fish, and meaty skewers provide even more tasty diversity.


Watch Masters at Work
One thing that I especially loved at Sakura’s Saturday Brunch was the live cooking station. Guests can watch in awe and fascination as chefs prepare dishes in front of their eyes. Seeing how the raw ingredients are transformed into artfully presented dishes really is fantastic. Enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of cooking before sinking your teeth into the finished dish really gives you a whole new level of appreciation for the gastronomic delights.

While the chefs certainly take pride in their creations and produce all items to an exemplary standard they do have a playful side too. Don’t be surprised if a chef puts on a little juggling performance while cooking, masterfully throwing implements and ingredients into the air to combine food preparation and entertainment.



Save Plenty of Space for Dessert
Although you’ll certainly be tempted to fill up on lots of delicious food, don’t forget to leave some space for dessert. Individual sweets fill a whole table, with delights like strawberry jelly, glutinous rice cake, matcha roll, and palitaw (a small, sweet rice cake) to satisfy any sweet tooth and sugar craving.

Sakura is a fantastic place for a laid-back brunch, and I’m sure it would appeal equally to couples, families, and groups of friends. Why not treat yourself this Saturday to a delectable brunch at Sakura? Who knows, I may even see you there!

I’m Keen –Tell Me More!
Sakura’s Saturday Brunch buffet is open between 12 noon and 4pm. You should reserve your table in advance to avoid disappointment. For more information and to make a reservation, call the restaurant on +965 96961300.

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