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Connect With Nature After Quarantine

Connect With Nature After Quarantine
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//Latifah Al-Hazza//


With the world slowly peeking out from under the covers of quarantine some of you may be eager to start planning, whether for later this year or for 2021. This time, it may be a different type of planning. After being cooped up, there’s nothing quite like the call of the great outdoors. Here are some trip suggestions that celebrate wide open spaces, mother nature’s splendor and will help reconnect you with the outdoors.


Uluru, a huge sandstone formation, is situated in Australia’s Northern Territory. The aboriginal people consider it a sacred site. From the caves, ancient paintings, watering holes and reddish hue contrast against the blue sky, there is plenty of beauty in this area.


Most traveler have heard about the infamous Lake Bled but, just 40 minutes away, is a lake that offers a more tranquil wilderness experiences and stunning shades of green everywhere you turn, Lake Bohinj. At the south side of the lake, you can choose from a number of hikes at Mount Vogel that end in breathtaking views overlooking the lake.


Off of Ireland’s Galway coast lie the Aran Islands. The three islands have a collective population of 1,200 people and there are more sheep than humans on these islands. Accessed by ferry, the beaches, maze of stone walls, flora and archaeological sites make this a dreamy nature getaway.


Asturias is a lesser known region of Spain that should not be overlooked. The area is home to incredible hikes, mountain peaks, alpine lakes, waterfalls and sparsely populated beaches. The Covadonga Lakes, Picos de Europas and Playa del Toro are a few scenic places to visit while in the region.


Aside from the classic Golden Circle tourist path (which you should not miss!), Lake Myvatn is also an escape for nature lovers. The lake is a microcosm of natural wonders. You will marvel at everything from the geothermal caves and bizarre rock formations to the bubbling mud pools and steaming vents. The region is also home to Godafoss, impressive waterfalls that are 12 meters high and 30 meters wide.


Newfoundland’s Gros Morne National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is part of the Long Range Mountains. The park has dense forests, freshwater fjords, dramatic cliffs, picturesque shorelines, lowlands and moose. It is also a place to discover unique geological formations. Hiking, canoeing, kayaking and camping are popular pastimes here, but cabins and cottages are also available


For a more tropical, nature retreat, Virgin Gorda is the place. The island is known for giant granite boulders that form sea pools on the beach, The Baths. You can also get your fix of swimming, snorkeling and water sports on the island. To experience the best of the beaches and the forest, Gorda Peak National Park is another place to visit and is a great place for hiking to see the flora and fauna of the island.


Who hasn’t been in awe when seeing pics of the Swiss Alps? Switzerland is home to some of Europe’s most dramatic natural scenery. Lush valleys, colorful wildflowers and snow-covered peaks, how can you not fall in love with this nature retreat? Matterhorn is the most famous of the peaks and it straddles the Swiss-Italian border. The views from the top are indescribable. If you’re not up for climbing it, a cable car can also take you to the summit.


You may not know that amazing biodiversity exists in Vietnam. Cloud forests, limestone hills, wetlands and unique species can all be found in the country. Top sights to visit are Ha Long Bay for painting-like sunrises and sunsets; Ninh Binh Province for limestone mountains; Ca Tien National Park for primate species and more than 250 bird species; and Tram Chim National Park for wetlands


Having once been connected to Australia, the biodiversity on this island is insane. Forests house giant tree ferns, reptiles, butterflies and endemic bird species. The lagoon surrounding New Caledonia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers world-class snorkeling. A few island highlights: Blue River Park, Park of the Great Ferns, and Ouvea Island.


Photo Credits:

Slovenia: Lucija Marjanovic

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Iceland: Latifah Al-Hazza

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Vietnam: Latifah Al-Hazza

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