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1. Hi, when did you open this coffee shop?
It opened just over a month ago, although I started working on it almost two years ago. I did training courses in coffee and wanted to understand coffee more deeply before I got into the business. Later, I was looking for a good location and finally, over a month ago, we opened the doors to our customers.

2. What inspired the name ‘Mr. Koobs Café?
Me and my friends were searching for a name for a long time. We did a lot of research on names and came up with several options only to realize later that they were already taken. At one stage, I wanted to name it ‘GRAVITY’ but could not finalize it. We were looking for a fusion name between English and Arabic language so we came up with Koob (meaning cup in Arabic) and added ‘S’ to make it plural. Hence, the name Koobs Cafe was chosen.
Later the person who designed my logo in America came with the concept of a hat and beard so we finalized the name as ‘Mr. Koobs’.

3. Where do you source your coffee from?
We are currently sourcing it locally from a source we know is very superior and offers the best quality. However, we have plans for the near future to have our own in-house roastery to prepare our own coffee.

4. There are many new coffee shops in Kuwait. What do you feel sets you apart from the others?
I think each cafe has its own personality, be it the taste, the location, the decoration, the baristas or something else. Everyone works on each of these standards. For us, the number one priority is the experience for our customers and how we deal with our customers, then it’s the coffee.

5. What’s your most popular drink?
In the Kuwait market as a whole, Spanish Latte is very popular. So, we too offer it but with our special secret ingredient which makes it our most popular drink.

6. If you were a customer in your own cafe, what would you order from the menu?
I am a daily customer here because I take my daily coffee from here and also my croissant. Our croissant is very tasty. So, as a customer myself I would take a flat-white with a pistachio croissant.

7. How would you describe your venue?
‘Enjoy the best coffee in a cool atmosphere’.

8. According to you, what qualities do you think a good barista should have?
According to me a good barista must first and foremost have a good personality and a passion for coffee. He has to enjoy what he is doing.

9. Do you have any plans for the rest of the year?
Before the end of the year, we plan to introduce our own roasting and we have already ordered our machine. Besides we will be introducing a couple of new drinks and hosting some events.

10. Would you ever think about opening a second location? If so, where?
Definitely yes. I think Kuwait City has enough cafes so we would consider locations near Mahboula. Also, we plan to go elsewhere in the region like Oman, Qatar, and so on.

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