Car Rentals And Promissory Notes

Car Rentals And Promissory Notes

Despite the new laws applied by the ministry of commerce to prohibit car rental shops from forcing customers to sign a blank promissory note, some car rental shops are still committing such actions towards their customers, against the law’s recommendations. Therefore, it’s very important to clarify the legal considerations about such promissory notes and to enlighten our readers to know what to do when they face a similar problem.

How did it all start?
Every time someone tries to rent a car they are forced to sign a blank promissory note in order to get the car rental contract. Due to their urgent situation and the need to get the car, they accept the situation and sign the document.

Most car rental shops use this blank, signed promissory note against the customer if he fails to bring the car back, has an accident, destroys the vehicle or brings it back in a damaged condition. They keep the promissory note to force the customer to pay for any damage or loss. But is this even legal?

The ministry of commerce states:
It’s illegal to force customers to sign a blank promissory note in order to rent a car and such action is considered as a breach.
Once the car rental shop asks you to sign a blank promissory note, the violation of law has been committed by them (just by offering) even if you didn’t sign. If you refused to sign and they refused to rent you a car then that is the second law violation by the office (refusing to rent it).

Moreover, the law obligated those offices to allow their customers to freely choose their car rental period. Previously, most of the car rental shops would not allow the customer to rent for a period of less than three days. The law now determines a minimum period of not less than 24 hours (a whole day).

My advice:
If you want to rent a car, make sure you deal with a trustworthy car rental company and read the contract before signing it. It should not include any agreement about a promissory note. Also, be aware that the contract is the only document you should have to sign when you rent a car. You should not sign anything else.

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