Build A Brighter Future

Build A Brighter Future
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//Yasmeen Bahman//


I’m sure many of you will have attended school reluctantly and were eager for those days to be over with. But if school and the right to learn had been prohibited rather than mandatory, would your feelings remain the same?

Many gifted people didn’t have the right to education and missed their opportunities. They have been brought up in places with high rates of poverty, crime and injustice. So knowledge was not a priority. Survival, on the other hand, was.

In 2012, Malala Yousifzai brought attention to the terrorism that went on in Swat Valley, Pakistan. They had banned girls from attending school. Malala ended up getting shot for standing up for her basic human right as a child, which is to learn.

Some countries still operate a backward system where they don’t permit their girls or women to attend school. But how do we expect to see a brighter future when half the population, the one responsible for the upbringing of our children, doesn’t have the right to education?

We are placed here to inherit the Earth. God created resources and blessed us with brains which, combined together, can create miracles.

No form of education or knowledge is useless. It is an investment to help mankind go about their lives safer, easier and better. It is our past, present and future. Without knowledge we would have no vaccines to combat disease, technology would not exist which in itself changed the world, and weather forecasts could not be predicted to save lives.

It gives everyone a chance to meet their unique potential. By providing equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their social class, their mentality becomes more meaningful. They can use their talents to address issues close to their heart which leads to progress.

We educate ourselves to live a happy and healthy life at a young age and we carry that awareness for a lifetime by teaching our children the correct lifestyle, passing it on to others and thus building better societies.

We will all create our future and shape the world. It’s the most important factor to the education of nations. Learning educates us on understanding and mastering the conditions for peace. It develops a perspective of looking at life. We are dealing with each other daily, exchanging our goods and breathing the same air but we put borders around our countries and strive for power. By expanding our visions we grasp respect, empathy and intellectual awareness. We can unitedly eliminate corruption and reduce poverty, discrimination and injustice to create a sustainable planet.

Nelson Mandela once famously said, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’

We take our schools for granted and let the years pass by unenthusiastically. But when we come to understand how privileged we are compared to those less fortunate, we will truly appreciate every moment. As we grow, we will encourage those in our lives to grow as well and maybe even consider giving a chance for someone less privileged and offer help in turning their life around.

Education is a necessity of life and by fighting for the right of education for all, we step up to accelerate progress and reach global prosperity.

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