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Framed by scenic lakes, woods and the Andean peaks, Bariloche in Patagonia, is the perfect getaway for outdoors activities. Experience an adventure bursting with emotions in the most breathtaking place in Argentina.


Located in Argentina’s Río Negro province, Bariloche is a city surrounded by thousand-year-old forests, mountains covered in snow and crystal-clear lakes. It´s quintessentially Patagonian. A city that is home to excellence and surrounded by some of Argentina’s most beautiful natural pots.
Bariloche is one of the most breathtaking places in Patagonia. You’ll find incredible views, lakes, streams, meltwater rivers and mountains. Enjoy the fresh air and the landscapes that undergo radical change each and every season. The lush green from the generous summer sun, the unmissable colors of the fall foliage, the explosion of life in spring and the bright white snow during the winter months.


With its countless fun-filled activities, it’s easy to understand why Bariloche was crowned the national capital of adventure tourism.

You can hike along numerous trails in Bariloche. It doesn’t require any previous experience when accompanied by a mountain guide, but it does require physical fitness and a willingness to cope with any unexpected hurdles that may come up during the expedition.

Get ready to explore the depths of the mountain through narrow canyons surrounded by stunning vegetation. Discover amazing landscapes, accessible only to those willing to embark on this adventure. You will enjoy the most intense outdoor sports: trekking, rappelling, zip lines, jumping from natural springboards, swimming, climbing… Packed with emotions and sensations in a unique experience that you will never forget.

The constant winds of the unparalleled glacial lake Nahuel Huapi have made this lade into a real paradise for sailors. Unique corners where you can get only by boat, hidden and solitary bays and beautiful dreamy beaches to bathe and relax. However, if sky is your world, you will live a unique and intense experience surfing the Andes’ clouds in a double paraglider, always accompanied by a highly experienced instructor.


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