Bader Al-Yaseen

Bader Al-Yaseen
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I am honored, it was completely unexpected. My best work has always been done when I do it quietly. I never thought I’d be considered ‘inspiring’, but I am grateful for being selected and hope to live up to this award.


Please tell us about yourself.
I used to cook back in Middle School and sell brownies to my classmates. I stopped to focus on my studies and pursued Electrical Engineering in the University of Manchester. Whilst there, I started cooking again and found myself indulged in the experimenting process. I enjoyed experiencing new flavors. When I came back to Kuwait I worked as a Barista for a short while before securing an engineering job. However, during my time as an engineer, I participated in events selling food. After 18 months in the engineering industry, I decided to quit and pursue my passion for cooking. At first I secured a job at Natureland where I worked as a recipe developer/videographer. After a year, I left to work at a roastery, ORU Roastery, and created a new company called ZERT.

Tell us about your educational background.
BEng Electrical and Electronics Engineer.

Tell us about your family and their support.
My family has always been supportive, regardless of what career path I chose to pursue. I will always be grateful for their constant support.

Tell us about your childhood. How did your formative years lead to your success?
My childhood was filled with curiosity. I always liked to try the strange items on the menu. ‘What does octopus taste like?’ ‘What would happen if I add this to that?’ But I never really thought of becoming a chef. At first, it was only the interest in tasting new things rather than creating them.

Any life changing experiences?
Deciding to quit engineering and pursue cooking as a career path.

Tell us a little about your current job.
Currently I work as Head of Business Development at ORU Roastery. I am creating solutions to further grow the company. I am also in charge of a sister company called ZERT, where we manufacture and sell carbonated coffee beverages.

Tell us about your industry.
The coffee industry has seen huge growth over the last 3 years, especially in Kuwait. Every month at least 4-5 new coffee shops are opening. So roasteries have seen a boom in sales due to the high demand. It is a competitive market due to its small size, so we always have to be developing and growing.

What lies behind the growth of the company?
My partners, Omar Al Obaidan and Abdulrahman Al Saleem, are the core of this company. They started the company 2 years before I joined and their passion towards coffee is what’s helping the company grow. My role is to help accelerate that growth through problem solving and market analysis.

How has business been for the company in the past one or two years?
We are slowly increasing our market share within Kuwait and we are currently looking to expand elsewhere towards a larger market.

Define success.
Leaving a positive impact within the market. We strive for change; when we see something that’s missing, we aim to be the first to provide it. With ORU, it’s our strategy to help our clients with their basic needs rather than just selling beans. With ZERT, it’s our aim to provide an alternative to artificially caffeinated drinks.

What motivates you?
Tasting something new.

What inspired you to be the person you are today?
The people I surrounded myself with.

Your favourite thing to do?
Eat new foods I have never seen before.

Describe yourself in three words.
Reliable, resourceful, creative.

Where do you envision yourself in five years?
Working at one of our restaurant chains.

What’s the secret of your success?
My team.

Your message for other people?
There’s always time for a new career path.

I am scared of….
Losing my hunger. I always want to be aiming for a higher goal.

Your favourite quote?
“The moment you make a decision and act on it, you win.”

On being selected as an Inspiring Man for the year…
I am honored, it was completely unexpected. My best work has always been done when I do it quietly. I never thought I’d be considered ‘inspiring’, but I am grateful for being selected and hope to live up to this award.

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