Back To Childhood: Treehouse Hotels

Back To Childhood: Treehouse Hotels
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Have you ever longed for that feeling of being a kid again? Where nothing else matters and it’s just you and the world around you? A throwback to your childhood, the idyllic feeling of being immersed within nature, a chance to escape the pattern of mundane routine? Staying in a hotel on a tree is not only a fable, but a real and true tendency of green architecture.

Treehouses are synonymous with adventure; Robbers Cave and eventful summer holidays. Nowadays, many adventure parks attract more and more visitors through playgrounds, cableways and, of course, treehuts hidden in the tops of trees. The innerchild can relax in peace and the age does not matter.

The tree tendency is ascending and is taken very seriously by architects. Together with nature conservationists and civil servants, architects are developing and designing their ideas for optimized buildings that bring man and nature closer together without harming eachother. Apart from the ecological, the economic factors, which also have to be taken into account, naturally also play a part.

If you want to feel like a kid again, you will find that these one-of-a-kind properties let you relive the magic of childhood memories while appealing to your grown-up tastes. No matter what season, these incredible treehouse hotels offer lodging experiences you won´t soon forget.




A hotel among the tres; now that is what I would like to experience. If you are travelling to Sweden, the Treehotel inspired by the movie E.T. is just the place you should go. Treehotel offers a unique hotel stay with contemporary design in the middle of nature in Harads, near the Lule River.

Husband-and-wife team Kent and Britta Lindvall set up Treehotel in 2010 to cater to tourists visiting the Arctic Circle in search of the Northern Lights. Over the years, the hoteliers have called on architects including Snøhetta and Tham and Videgård Arkiteckter to add to their growing number of tree-mounted cabins.

One of their most sought-after is the UFO-themedroom, while another looks appropriately like a bird´s nest. There is also a mirror cube and a blue cone that changes colour to orange. They call their spot ‘a childhood dream with a touch of luxury and flair’.


Even the bathrooms are special, with combustion toilets that incinerate their contents at more than 1100 degrees Fahrenheit.




The Gibbon Experience is a ‘tourism-based conservation project’ that takes you through the Nam Kan National Park in Laos, by zip-lining your way between tree-houses. This project began 12 years ago thanks to a French man with a mission to protect the forest from poachers, logging and the destruction of agriculture.

To protect the forest alone, funding was hard to come by so he came up with the idea of using tourism to generate the needed funds. The Gibbon Experience turned poachers into guides by using their tracking and forest skills to educate visitors rather than kill animals. Villagers became support teams for the project and helped maintain and build the treehouses and soon, the animals and forest were becoming more and more protected.

There are 7 treehouses located in the jungle and you’ll be split up based on which tour you’re doing and how many are in your group. The treehouses are well equipped with drinkingwater, a small kitchen, an open-air bathroom and a dinner table.

The jungle is filled with all sorts of animals but what you see and when you see them cannot be planned or arranged. There are only a small number of gibbons left in South East Asia and unfortunately, these animals are critically endangered.




Think modern-day glamping meets the mythical elvish Kingdom of Middle Earth and you have the quirky spheres of this magical Vancouver retreat. Spending a night in one of Canada’s Free Spirit Spheres is a moving experience. The three rentable spheres, named Eve, Eryn, and Melody, are suspended from trees in the woods just north of Qualicum Beach. When a breeze sweeps through the forest, the spheres sway gently.


Each 1100-pound, 10-foot-wide orb is equipped with a bed, dining table, storage space, built-in speakers, and big circular windows for gazing at the forest. Spiral staircases and drawbridges provide access to the spheres which hang between 10 and 15 feet above the ground. Toilets and showers are located in separate buildings nearby – Eryn’s outhouse is shaped like a mushroom.

The spheres are the work of Tom Chudleigh, who operates the property with his wife Rosey. Chudleigh used shipbuilding techniques to handcraft them, aiming to create natural-looking, nut-like globes that blend in with the surrounding environment.




Keemala is a small wellness-focused resort in the woodlands just outside the village and beach of Kamala, on the posh west coast of the island.

This place looks like one of those magical villages you would find described in the pages of JRR Tolkien or JK Rowling. It is a sanctuary for those who wish to rebalance, rejuvenate and relax.


Keemala embraces traditional Thai culture.

The tree pool houses are built to represent the ‘We-Ha’ people who worshipped the universe and chose to live suspended from the trees to be nearer to the sky. The clan included the talents of healers, creators, architects and inventors. The treehouses are designed to seemingly be suspended from the trees. The interiors incorporate furniture and fittings that are hung from the ceiling and are complete with a private pool.


Guests can meet two resident water buffalo and learn about their daily routine and significance in Thai culture. Born in Phattalung Province in Southern Thailand, the duo was rescued from the slaughterhouse and is now permanently homed at this beautiful property.




Shaped like a honeycomb, these stylishly furnished wooden houses can turn your childhood dream of sleeping in a treehouse into a reality. Just a few metres away from the unspoiled Baltic Sea beach, DJH Youth Hostel features 6 treehouses for up to 6 people each.

The hilly meadows and pastures of the federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania entice visitors to take a stroll. Take the path along the village pond and past the well-tended manors and gardens. It will take you to the cliffs and the beach washed by the waves of the sea.


Nature is all around, as far as the eye can see. It offers the perfect backdrop for playing, running, jumping and learning and, like the beach at the foot of the cliffs, it’s unspoiled. But what if you are up for something else? If that is the case, a short car ride will take you to the towns of Wismar, Poel and Klützor Boltenhagen.

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