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Aqeel Al-Raisi & Farah Al Hadi

Aqeel Al-Raisi & Farah Al Hadi
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Aqeel Al-Raisi is an actor, known for his work in Bibi (2017). Born in Kuwait to a Kuwaiti mother, he is the brother of actress, Shaima Ali, who graduated from the Higher Institute of Arts. His career began with the commercials of a juice company. He was best known for Yabila Shanab with the artist, Suad Abdullah, and director, Mohammed Daham Shammari (2014), where he spoke the Syrian dialect after spending time training. He also participated in several plays with the Arabian Gulf Band. In Ramadan 2017, he won the best duo with Farah Al Hadi at the Festival of Excellence.

Farah Al Hadi is an actress best known for her work in Kalam Asfar (2018) and Saher Al-Lail (2010). Born in Kuwait, she has a Bachelor of Marketing degree. She started her career in 2007 in a TV series. She has acted in over twenty-five TV serials and several stage plays. She is the sister of actress Shawq Al Hadi.
Aqeel and Farah were married on New Year’s Eve 2017. They shared their wedding event through snapchat.


Please tell us about your academic backgrounds:
Farah AlHadi: Bachelors of Marketing degree.
Aqeel AlRaisi: I hold a degree in acting and directing.

How and where did the two of you meet?
Farah AlHadi: We met on set during a shoot in 2016 and became really close friends.

As a professional, what are the qualities you admire in your spouse?
Farah AlHadi: I admire lots of his qualities. I like his sense of humour. I love the way he supports me and is always by my side.
Aqeel AlRaisi: I like the way she is very kind and generous. I love her style.

Where do you concur and where do you differ from each other?
Farah AlHadi: We concur in the way we like to spend our time together. We both enjoy watching movies and enjoy working together. We differ in the way we react to issues. I am very easy and calm whereas he gets very nervous and aggressive on certain issues. I calm him down.
Aqeel AlRaisi: I agree with Farah on this.

Do you think being friends with your spouse is an important part of marriage?
Farah AlHadi: Yes it’s very important for couples to become best friends.
Aqeel AlRaisi: Absolutely. Being friends, you never get bored. Our relationship is stronger because of our strong friendship.

How do you handle a work-life balance and challenges in a dynamic work environment?
Farah AlHadi: It’s very difficult to give proper or balanced time to my work and as a wife. I learn different and new ways daily to find the best way to maintain a balance.
Aqeel AlRaisi: We try to spend time both with our work and also separately. We try to take proper breaks whenever possible to spend time together.

When do you spend time with each other? How do you unwind?
Farah AlHadi: We always spend time together at work. Even if I am working alone, Aqeel is always by my side. We unwind by watching TV together. The best way is to have long conversations together.
Aqeel AlRaisi: I try to always be with Farah, either for work or to support her. The best way to unwind is taking road trips, travelling or spending time at home together.

What is the best gift you received from each other?
Farah AlHadi: My Bentley of course! It was the best gift I received from Aqeel on our anniversary, or rather, the best gift I received in my entire life.
Aqeel AlRaisi: My Porsche. Farah gifted it to me on my birthday.

Any memorable holidays?
Farah AlHadi: Our trip to the Maldives was the best holiday.
Aqeel AlRaisi: Yes, the Maldives was the best holiday and I also loved our holiday in Istanbul.

One would imagine that both of you probably discuss business issues a lot at home too. Does that happen?
Farah AlHadi: This happens almost every day. We discuss business together.
Aqeel AlRaisi: Yes, we love to discuss business together and take advice from each other on every project.

How are household responsibilities divided? Who is the boss at home?
Farah AlHadi: We divide our responsibilities according to our daily schedules. Aqeel is the boss at home.
Aqeel AlRaisi: Of course, I am the boss at home. But we help each other in sharing responsibilities.

Has there been any significant event that has changed your marriage? What was the event? How did it change your relationship?
Farah AlHadi: Actually, all problems and issues related to business help us to come closer to each other.
Aqeel AlRaisi: We have a strong trust for each other and difficult times help us care more and get stronger.

How do you manage your time together? Do you have any time left over for your marriage at all?
Both: Luckily we work together most of the time and even when we don’t, we accompany each other and try to be together as much as possible.

What are the challenges of being two powerful people at the top of your professional game?
Both: We don’t see this as a challenge as we work together very closely and plan each project or assignment together.

What have been your most challenging moments in life?
Farah AlHadi: Finding time for myself, my life and my work.
Aqeel AlRaisi: Yes, it’s a big challenge to find proper time for everything.

How do you motivate each other during tough times at work?
Farah AlHadi: I try to be with him during tough times and try to make things easier for him.
Aqeel AlRaisi: I try to make the situation fun and to enjoy every moment of stress.

Who’s your inspiration professionally?
Farah AlHadi: Every successful woman is my inspiration, even if they are not a celebrity or famous. If I can learn one good thing from each woman I meet, I really value it.
Aqeel AlRaisi: Kanye West. I like his style. I like his professional approach to business and how he has created his brand. My dream is to have my own fashion brand one day.

What have you learnt from each other?
Farah AlHadi: To be more responsible about everything in my life, especially at work.
Aqeel AlRaisi: To take everything easy and stay calm during difficult times.

Some marriages are “passionate,” some are “companionate”: which fits you?
Farah AlHadi: Passionate
Aqeel AlRaisi: Both

What are the keys to a successful relationship?
Farah AlHadi: Honesty and being faithful to each other. And, of course, communication.
Aqeel AlRaisi: Being good friends is the biggest key for a successful relationship.

Do you have any common interests or hobbies?
Farah AlHadi: Yes we both love watching TV, shopping and travelling.
Aqeel AlRaisi: Not only do we share the same interests and hobbies, we have great similarities in our personalities too.

Advice for other couples:
Farah AlHadi: Stay honest to each other. Have proper communication together.
Aqeel AlRaisi: Try to be good friends and do things together and talk about all issues with each other.

How do you feel being selected one of the CP Magazine’s Power Couples for this year?
Farah AlHadi: It is a great honour to be selected as one of the Power Couples of the year.
Aqeel AlRaisi: I am very excited for this award and the event and we look forward to working on more projects together in the future.


Favourite Colour:
Farah: Pink – Aqeel: Blue and black
Favourite Food:
Farah: Everything – Aqeel: Sweets
Tea or Coffee?
Farah: Coffee – Aqeel: Coffee
Favourite Car:
Farah: Bentley – Aqeel: Porsche Cayenne
Favourite Book/Author:
Farah: After (fiction) – Aqeel: I’m not into reading much
Favourite Song:
Farah: A Thousand Years – Aqeel: Insan Thani (Another Human)
Favourite Movie:
Farah: A Star is Born – Aqeel: Ashqui 2 (Bollywood)
Greatest Fear:
Farah: Being suffocated – Aqeel: Snakes
Favourite app on your phone:
Farah: Instagram – Aqeel: Snapchat
What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
Farah: Phone and internet – Aqeel: Same


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