Alward Al-Mutawaa

Alward Al-Mutawaa

“The pandemic helped me to find more time for my art.”

Alward Al-Mutawaa is a self-taught artist Kuwaiti artist using different techniques to produce her artworks that conveys the message to spread love and creativity.
We sat with Alward to know more about her art and where see draws inspiration from.
Read the interview to know more about this talented artits.

Thank you for joining us for this interview.

Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Hi, my name is Alward AlMutawaa, I am a nonstop learner. I am a girl with an open mentality and am acceptable to any new ideas out of my community and from different cultures.

Tell us about your education.
I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in business.

What got you interested in arts?
It’s a God’s gift. A gift that can create the beauty and color the plain world.

Are you a self-taught artist or did you take any formal training?
Yes, I am a self-taught artist.

How would you best describe your style of art?
I would describe it as abstract art, figurative art and portrait.

What are your favourite materials to use?
My favourites would be charcoal, oil colors, and pencil.

What is the message that you like to convey through your art?
My art conveys the message to spread love and creativity. I hope to see my paintings express this feeling in any place it’s hanged on.

Where do you take the inspiration for your work?
The artist specializes in imagination that create from a plain white space to a colored painting with a purposeful idea discussing a specific issue. Sometimes this issue is a people suffering or a community issue.

What is your process of completing a piece from start to finish?
It all depends on the type of the art and the colors used.

How has your professional life been affected by the pandemic, the ongoing issues with coronavirus?
The pandemic helped me to find more time for my art.

What was it like where you are during the early days of Covid-19 and Lockdown?
I focus on its positive sides and changes more than the negative. The early days were the start of refreshing and cleaning the universe and nature.

What does an average day look like for you these days?
I have a busy day full with working on myself and improvement in many fields.

How are you dealing with this sudden change in lifestyle?
By being more productive.

What are the important lessons you have learned during this time?
Not to take anything for granted.

What are you doing now that’s ultimately constructive to your life and/or career?
Working on my passion.

Did you develop any new interest or hobby or learned a new skill during this time?
Yes, I learnt new art techniques, reading new books, self and mental development, reading articles and watching videos.

What’s your favourite music/songs for the moment?
I always love Jazz night music.

Any advice on staying sane & relatively positive through this situation?
My advice is to stay optimistic and happiness attracts the person and don’t be a complainer.

What 3 things could you not live without under lockdown?
Air, water, and some food.

What are you missing most about the outside world?
I am missing the world without panic.

What are you most looking forward to doing once the lockdown is over?
To live without a stuffy mask.

How do you think life will be after Covid-19?
More genuine and real people.

Finally, your message for us at CP magazine.
I thank CP magazine for focusing on women and their achievements in different fields. I believe such women need more media exposure. These are the women who benefit Kuwait. I am really glad for reaching out to me and thanks for this beautiful interview.

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