Fahad Al-Sufayeh & Sheikha Dalal Al-Sabah

Fahad Al-Sufayeh & Sheikha Dalal Al-Sabah

It is a great honour interviewing multi-millionaire and philanthropist Fahad Al-Sufayeh and his spouse Sheikha Dalal-Al Sabah member of the Kuwait Royal Family inspiring young generations to walk in their footsteps. Fahad Al-Sufayeh is a known passionate entrepreneur by nature with a long rich history of being dedicated towards meaningful projects and ideas, recently he has launched his latest masterpiece project to start a positive ambitious journey empowering women around the Middle East. Fahad Al-Sufayeh goal is to focus on helping empower women to be able to use their voices, making their own decisions, and to engage in economic opportunities to achieve their full economic potential around the world and the Middle East. Sheikha Dalal-Al Sabah comes from the Kuwait Royal Family but also from a humble loving family who always supported her in life decisions and choices since childhood being the youngest daughter in her family. Her eldest brother the former Governor Sheikh Faisal Humood Al-Sabah and currently the advisor for the Amir of Kuwait is one of her idols because of his achievements and dedicated hard work for the love of his country. The Kuwait Royal family are the second wealthiest in the world and have been ruling the country since 1752.    

Everyone seems to be always talking about Fahad Al Sufayeh, you have become Kuwait’s Business Celebrity idol. Can you tell us about your family heritage, business background and about your company ?
Fahad Al Sufayeh : I come from a family rich in heritage , my father was one of the first diplomats and politicians in Kuwait, having extended family relations to the former Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al Salam Al Sabah, who ruled during the years from 1965 -1977, and to the recent Crown Prince Sheikh Meshaal Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah. I am the founder and Chairman of Fahad & Omid General Trading and Contracting Company headquartered in Salhiya business district, located in downtown Kuwait City. Over the decades I have successfully provided strategic direction and executive leadership to my group of subsidiary companies grasping rapid growth opportunities. Worked directly with many international companies who are leaders in their sectors. I have developed and launched new businesses with my childhood friend who is also my American business partner Omid Rahravani who as well is a self-made millionaire, together as partners we have brokered over 400 million dollars in international business contracts. 

How do you want your legacy to be remembered?  
Fahad Al Sufayeh : I am a proud patriotic Kuwaiti who wants to be remembered for making a difference in the lives of the new generation in Kuwait and the Middle East by inspiring youth and showing support to them, especially to the Kuwaiti female entrepreneurs, empowering them to overcome obstacles and barriers, reaching their highest potential in their lives and discover new creative natural talents. This is the reason why I have created and launched Woman PWR™ foundation an organization dedicated to Connecting, Inspiring & Empowering Women around the Middle East.    

Is it true that Woman PWR™ foundation is the first of its kind in the Middle East?  
Fahad Al Sufayeh : Thank you for this question , indeed I believe Woman PWR™ foundation will be the first women empowerment organization that helps successful women meet like-minded successful women in the Middle East. Our main headquarters will be in UAE, Dubai Downtown District, because of its diversity of people living there and being one of the fastest growing hubs for startups . Woman PWR™ foundation goal is to bring together high achieving successful professional women around the Middle East Connecting, Inspiring and Empowering them under one platform.  

What is the primary goal of Woman PWR™ foundation?  
Fahad Al Sufayeh : The main goal to see all woman around the world be able to use their voices to make changes , make their own decisions, and engage in economic opportunities. Developing future female leaders, enhancing the role of women by empowering them to achieve their full economic potential and inspiring women to become advocates, change makers and leaders in the Middle East and around the World. Our global platform will equip women with resources, networking opportunities, learning and sharing of experiences. We are fortunate to have the partnerships of prestigious institutions, government agencies and talented individuals to team up with Woman PWR™ foundation.    

We love your unique idea; can you please describe in more details about the mission of Woman PWR™ foundation?
Fahad Al Sufayeh : Woman PWR™ foundation mission is to accelerate the leadership and success of women across the Middle East in all industries and sectors, by advancing careers, fostering alliances and preparing the current and next generation of professionals. The foundation’s main purpose is to be the voice of women in the Middle East across all industries, advancing leadership, recognizing women’s achievements, and illuminating their unique contributions to their professions, companies and communities. Offering a community of like-minded women professionals who want to be actively involved in an organization that supports each other to succeed personally and professionally. Women who are continually seeking to expand their own knowledge as well as share their wisdom with others for the growth of themselves and their fellow members. Woman PWR™ members are given opportunities to connect with each other and establish relationships that can enhance their career as well as their personal life. Expanding horizons through international conferences and regular briefings with government officials and industry leaders. Gaining international exposure by submitting articles and sharing member’s experience. Woman PWR™ foundation discovered that the female business founders received 2.8% of international VC funding in 2019. This means all-male teams received the majority of all VC funding. Gender Diverse Teams Yield Better Returns – Yet “…businesses founded by women ultimately deliver higher revenue—more than twice as much per dollar invested—than those founded by men”

How did Anousheh Ansari inspire yourself and your business partner Omid Rahravani to launch the Woman PWR™ foundation ?
Fahad Al Sufayeh : Anousheh Ansari is a very big inspiration for the Middle Eastern Woman , she is one of the richest Iranian American in the world with a net worth estimate of $750m. She became the first Muslim female in space, and the first self-funded women to fly to the International Space Station. She is the CEO of XPRIZE Foundation, a $10m competition that ignited a new era for commercial space flight and the co-founder and chairwoman of Prodea Systems. Anousheh Ansari and her husband Hamid Ansari are truly a successful visionary couple which we have learned from and enjoyed working with them. Anousheh Ansari is also a Philanthropist and the co-founder of The Billion Dollar Fund for Women, which was announced in October 2018 at the Tri Hita Karana (THK) Forum on Sustainable Development in Bali, with a goal of investing $1 billion in women-founded companies . Anousheh Ansari’s humanitarian achievements inspired us to launch the Woman PWR™ foundation. Our goal is to sign a partnership protocol with the World Bank and the United Nations and other international women empowerment institutions, also we are in talks with celebrities from Hollywood who have successful non-profit organisations to team up with us.

Is it true Woman PWR™ foundationplans to host events introducing woman innovators from around the world? Fahad Al Sufayeh : I am glad you asked this question, indeed Woman PWR™ foundation will host events to feature top female founders, CEO’s and innovators, designed to foster community and share knowledge and highlight the incredible businesses built by women. To continue to fuel innovation by women, we must change the larger game of capital: by ensuring venture funds who drive investments into women-founded companies are supported at large. Beyond a moral imperative, we see this as a business case – investing in women is good business. Woman PWR™ foundation will be helping to close the massive gender funding gap and connect investors in investing in our female talented members.    

We believe that you want to expand the woman empowerment movement in the Middle East and around the World by introducing a smart application called DayPlanz® with your American business partner Omid Rahravani that will be lunched from the USA? 
Fahad Al Sufayeh : Yes, we have developed a global smart application platform by acquiring an American social media corporation in Delaware called DayPlanz® founded in 2015 that will be working under the umbrella of Woman PWR™ foundation to allow female members to communicate and network from any part of the world. I have teamed up with the self-made millionaire and businessman Omid Rahravani who comes from a rich background in business and finance. Omid Rahravani has launched numerous successful businesses; he has been awarded and recognized as a visionary CEO. He is not only my business partner but a trusted advisor for myself and many high-profile elites in the middle east and around the world. Our goal is to expand the Woman PWR™ foundation movement in the USA, Europe and the Middle East. Omid Rahravani will play a big role in the American and European market expansion.  

Can you tell us more about DayPlanz® smart application, and what role will it play for Woman PWR™ foundation?  
Fahad Al Sufayeh : DayPlanz® corporation was structured for us by the highly reputable lawyer, Michael Cohen, founder of Cohen IP Law Group in Beverly Hills California, who also represents many Fortune 500 companies and is regularly featured in the most famous American media.  The office of Cohen IP Law Group in Beverly Hills is ranked among the top trademark lawyers in U.S, by intellectual property today Magazine and nominated as the top California Trademark Infringement Law Firm by Global Law Expert. DayPlanz® goal is to be the first women empowerment smart finder application that helps women meet like-minded women nearby, it is an exclusive only woman community under the umbrella of the Woman PWR™ foundation with its main headquarters operations being launched from the prestigious Marina Del Rey California area known as silicon beach. This strategic investment main goal is to expand connecting Middle Eastern women entrepreneurs with international successful women entrepreneurs from different cultures around the world . 

This sounds very interesting, this smart application is so unique and one of its kind, can you please describe in more details about DayPlanz® ?
DayPlanz® application is the first women empowerment application that helps successful women meet like-minded successful women nearby. Whether female users just moved to a new city, started a new business, or just seeking to expand their own knowledge as well as share their experiences and wisdom with other female users for the growth of themselves and their fellow members. DayPlanz® application supports female users succeed personally and professionally enhancing female users’ professional career by networking. It will be all about helping women create successful happier, more fulfilled, easygoing lives. This one-of-a-kind smart application will focus on women empowerment in all the sectors like Business, Career Coaching, Educational Webinars to provide topics for career development, Events, Friendship, Beauty, Fashion and Fitness. DayPlanz® application mission is empowering knowledge and experience transfer.

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