//Fatema AlOthman//

Running as a sport encourages many fitness enthusiasts to strive for their personal best. Whether you want to run faster and improve your record or simply increase your speed and fitness level, strength training and speed workouts are a given.

Check out these 6 secrets anyone can use to increase speed and further the quest for fitness.

  1. Focus on Form
    Improving your running form can help increase your speed and help you avoid injury. Apply good running form, forget the technicalities, and keep it simple.
  2. Speed Workouts
    Speed workouts are a form of interval training, where you include fast running intervals into your workout routine.
    Speed intervals can activate slow-twitch and intermediate muscle fibers, which increases your aerobic capacity, or the ability to breathe in more air.
  3. Strength Training
    Strength training increases muscle size, and as muscle size increases so does the capacity for blood, oxygen, and ATP cell energy. Strength training is controlled exercises that help improve muscle quality, balance, and overall fitness.
  4. HIIT Training
    HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and is one of the quickest ways to get fit.
  5. Explosive Workouts
    Explosive training helps convert more muscle fibers to fast-twitch muscle fibers, thus increasing your power output and speed. Add a few sets of explosive exercises into your strength training routine.
  6. Rest and Recover
    When doing any type of speed training it is important to remember to rest when needed. Resting between sets allows you to increase power for short periods, so your body can adapt to a faster pace.

Take at least one day a week to rest your entire body by abstaining from exercise.

Increasing your speed can be as easy as slightly altering your current workouts. Keeping your routines mixed makes them interesting and helps you avoid burnout. And most importantly, try to have fun, and your quest for fitness will soon become an enjoyable part of your life.

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