10 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

Summer is one of the most relaxed times of the year. School is out, routines are more relaxed, kids have more time to play and parents are not worried about homework and driving back and forth for after school activities.
Many parents look forward to summers with their kids but worry about how much screen time the kids get. Here are 10 fun activities you can do with your children this summer to unglue them from their perpetual screens.

1. Star gaze! Summer is ideal for this activity because you do not have to adhere to a strict sleep schedule. Pull out some blankets and lie down on the beach or in your yard and turn off all the lights at home. Watch the sky and the stars; invite your child to make up a story or pattern about the sky; or use it as a hidden astrology lesson!

2. Run through the sprinklers! Summers in Kuwait are HOT! A fun way for you and your child to cool off during these summer afternoons is to run through the sprinklers! Think of all the happy memories you would be making with your child.

3. Build a sand castle! It doesn’t matter if it’s at an exotic destination, at the beach or even in your own sandbox at home, all that matters is that you and your children share this special moment and make memories together.

4. Make fresh, homemade lemonade! Experiment with different recipes and ingredients and maybe even encourage your child to start a neighbourhood lemonade stand! Think about it as raising a future entrepreneur.
5. Build a fort! Use your cushions and sofas at home to make a fort with your kids. Throw in some extra blankets and flashlights for added fun!

6. Play dress-up! Invite your kids to play dress-up using your clothes, shoes and accessories. Don’t forget your camera!

7. Have a car wash play-date. Invite your kid’s friends or cousins to come over and wash your cars! Enjoy their silliness and squeals of joy.

8. Play a board game together! Monopoly, Chess and Candyland are a few options. Not big on board games? Try card games like Uno instead.

9. Read books together! Summer is the perfect time for the whole family to read for fun. Share some of you childhood favourites with your children and make sure your kids watch you reading for pleasure.

10. Choose a family goal to work on during the summer together. It could be fixing a part of the house, redecorating a room or finishing a project you have been putting off for a while. Make sure you include your kids and allow them to share the experience with you.

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