//Abir Achkar//

The clothes you wear impact your self-confidence and its an awareness of who you are, the way we feel about ourselves is often directly linked to our appearance whether you realize it or not. As confidence comes from a firm foundation within!

Think comfort vs. Attractiveness
Avoid wearing clothes that don’t make you feel comfortable.

Confidence is in the mind.
Remember that in order to look good, you must feel good.

Understand your body type
Highlight your best features and camouflage your flaws by dressing your perfect fit and cut that compliment your body shape.

Dress for the occasion
Always dress how you want to be addressed, for example if you are going to present a meeting, wear whatever makes you feel the most intelligent and powerful.

Wearing the right color.
Color is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action and influence mood.

I feel pretty.
Clothes can put you in a great mood, especially if you have favorites that you just feel-good wearing.

Clothes can show your personality-embrace this.

Body love
Wear clothes that make you feel happy within yourself. do not wear clothes that do not suit you because they are in fashion, simply be authentic with your style.

Be experimental.
We all do fashion mistakes “bad outfit day” get inspired and learn your style identity. Lesson learned and move on.

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