Wardrobe Detox with Carla and Marie

Wardrobe Detox with Carla and Marie
As we move from summer to autumn, our wardrobes need updating. This translates into a packed closet! Have you ever experienced the feeling of not knowing what to wear, even though you own a ton of clothes? We are going to walk you through the process, step by step, of achieving an organised closet full of garments you can wear.
This month is all about wardrobe detoxing and we have taken the actual case of Edna Trogen, the gorgeous makeup artist and beauty editor of CP Magazine. Our aim is to help Edna in the process of cleansing and organising her wardrobe, as well as identifying her best colours and potentially adding new purchases to complete her looks. So let the cleanse begin!



The first step to a wardrobe detox is going through the items inside your closet, piece by piece. And the top questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Have I worn this piece of clothing in the past year?
  • Does this garment fit me properly?
  • Is this colour complementing my complexion?

Looking at Edna’s current wardrobe, we can see it is packed with clothes. But actually, after asking her some questions, we discover that Edna hasn’t worn 40% of her clothes in the past twelve months. Does this sound familiar to you? I’m sure many of you can relate to Edna’s story. In fact, studies show that we only wear about 20% of our wardrobe regularly.

To complete this step, we also need to know Edna’s colours, so it is time for our famous ‘colour analysis’. By placing warm and cool fabrics near Edna’s face, we discover that she is a ‘cool winter’. This means that her top colours are blue, red, black and white. Having learnt this crucial piece of information, we can now move on to the next step.



Now we have a clearer understanding of our wardrobe and our colours, we are now ready to take action and make three piles of clothing:
1- Those to keep
2- Those to donate or sell
3- Those to take to the tailor for alteration

Remember we said Edna doesn’t wear 40% of her wardrobe? This means we have a lot of work to do in order to sort out her closet. As mentioned we need to build three piles of clothing. The first will consist of those clothes that are her colours (cool) and fit her well. The second will be the unwanted items (which she has decided to donate to a charity). The third will include those garments that need to be tailored.

Just to give you some actual examples, Edna will donate her orange jumper and yellow dress, as both are warm colours which do not suit her complexion. On the other hand, Edna should definitely keep some gorgeous business white shirts, a leather skirt, a black blazer and some jeans that fit her body shape to perfection.



The third step to an organised wardrobe is buying hangers of the same shape and colour; hangers to your taste and that are practical for you. Some good options are wooden or padded hangers. For Edna we went for slim white hangers and voilá! Her wardrobe looks more spacious, organised and uniform.



The best and easiest way to organise the clothes inside your closet is by colour and garment, from left to right, starting with the lightest colours (e.g. white), followed by those of medium intensity (e.g. blue) and leaving the dark colours (e.g. black) for the end. Believe it or not, your new colour coordinated closet will look neat and pleasant and will definitely help you in the morning when selecting your outfit. In addition, you will always have something to wear, since you will now be able to see all your clothes much more clearly.


The last steps to an organised wardrobe is adding, if you feel you need to, any missing pieces. For example, a new blouse for work that is actually your colour and suits you to perfection, which can be combined with your existing business suits and skirts; or a new pair of sandals, if your current ones need updating. With a few key pieces, you will feel like you have a new and refreshed wardrobe.

In the case of Edna, she was missing some cool colours in her wardrobe. Since we removed those unwanted warm shades, she felt she was missing some tops. So we added a striped shirt, which can be paired with her existing leather skirt and red heels, but will also look wonderful with a pair of jeans.

We recommend detoxing your wardrobe at least once a year. Remember that by following these easy steps, you can keep your wardrobe healthy and in perfect shape. Not only will you have clothes to wear every day, but you won’t feel the need to shop as much (only for those missing pieces). Don’t you just love the idea of wearing 100% of your clothes and accessories? It is indeed music to your ears!



Photography: Vania Attieh (

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