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The Calla is Vhernier’s absolute icon, representing the result of an exquisitely intellectual research process. Angela Camurati, one of the founders of the Italian jewellery company, recalls that everything was born from a will to create something unique, with a sign of a strong identity that uses the same shape to compose different pieces, from necklaces to earrings and pendants to bracelets.


After an extended research period, a simple, archetypical shape was retained; a pure abstraction containing the DNA of a brand that forms its roots in sculpture and contemporary art.
“Volume, femininity and lightness are the characteristics of all VHERNIER jewels and are clearly evident in the Calla design” – says Carlo Traglio, President of the brand – “femininity always translates into soft and smooth shapes that, despite the magnitude of the surfaces, are nevertheless minimalistic and understated.”

To avoid breaking the sequence of links, the necklace was designed with a seamless integrated clasp, that works just like a screw and is located inside one of the links. The use of invisible closures is a trait of Vhernier that the brand’s craftsmen invented which is a seemingly simple yet complex mechanism to achieve this result.

Calla also owes its extraordinary success to the choice of materials such as ebony, a precious wood, shaped by the same excellent artisans who cut and work on precious stones. Combined with Vhernier’s elegant rose gold, the intense color of the ebony produces a fascinating visual shock. For this reason, the Calla has always represented a true turning point in the jewellery world: its choice of very unusual materials, showcasing their absolute beauty with a very high-caliber craftsmanship, renders these unique materials utterly precious themselves.

A nonconformist choice, almost scandalous in fact, and precisely for this reason, totally in sync with the Vhernier style. Carlo Traglio confirms this: “The gold and ebony version is undoubtedly the most beloved one, and for us it represents perfection: it’s light, seductive, and contemporary. And above all, it’s beautiful to touch.”


After working with ebony, experimentation continued and went beyond: The Calla is the jewel for which VHERNIER has played the most with materials, colors, and dimensions.

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