Vaneta Al-Zoubi

Vaneta Al-Zoubi
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Meet the self-confessed multi-tasker whose hobbies became her career.

Vaneta Al-Zoubi has always been ambitious but did she really envisage having five different careers? Find out what inspired this determined young woman and how she turned her dreams into reality.

Hi, please introduce yourself to our readers:
My name is Vaneta Al-Zoubi. I’m a multi-task person. I can be a TV presenter, actress, fitness trainer, MC and art teacher all in one ambitious person!

Tell us about your education:
Colours always attract me. I inherited this from my father so I entered this field with passion. I was raised in my father’s workshop from 5 years old and I grew up in the hands of my idol (my father) along with Iraqi and Jordanian artists who made me become the person I am today.

What inspired you to study fine arts?
The world is a big canvas. I always look at things in a different way that not everyone can understand. The world of colour is a different world – it’s a therapy and a joy. Can you live without colours and lines?

Why did you take art teaching as a career?
Art should be inherited and improved. Honestly, after graduating with a fine arts major I thought we could be a generation who would change the wrong idea about art in schools. And it happened, with the help of the IB and MYP systems that gave art a value when it was marginalized. I’m happy to be part of this change and grateful that kids these days understand how important art is.

How would you describe your style of art?
Art for me is a reflection of my mood, my life, an incident, or a story. You can’t express them all in one media or one art school ‘movement’, but mainly I find my passion in abstract art and fauvism art, plus contemporary and modern style.

You mentioned you are also a fitness trainer. Can you elaborate?
My journey in fitness started when I went through an illness and I gained so much weight. I was on medication for a long period of time, so I decided to enter the world of fitness. I searched a lot about health, muscles, workouts and fitness models. I watched my trainers for years and learned almost everything. I’m still learning but I reached a point when I knew what was wrong and what was right. I also established a lot of relations with fitness trainers and now I do it for fun. I do Pilates, ‘hips & abs’ and I really enjoy watching the transformation the girls I train go through. It makes me feel so proud and happy.

How did you get into modeling?
It was a dream. I was attracted to cat walk shows and I simply signed up with one of the best modeling agencies here in Jordan. I did it for fun. I said ‘Why not make this dream come true?’

What were some of your favourite shoots?
My favourite was a project called ‘black & lite’ for a local/Armenian photographer. It showed a lot of my personality.

How did you get into the Youtube channel sabayatube and how was the experience?
It all started when I met the director of sabayatube. We shared our ideas. The chemistry clicked and we took it from there. It was a difficult experience to gather all the ideas in short videos to send our message to the target audience.

And how did the transition from Youtube to TV channels happen?
Afterwards, I got a call to do a casting for a TV show and that was my opportunity to enter the media world. They liked my charisma and I was assigned for the part. It took me away from my YouTube channel but I can’t deny that I enjoy it and until now I’m doing morning shows.

What are some of your hobbies?
I reached a point where my hobbies became a career and a lifestyle. When I have extra time I like to go camping and hiking. I love travelling.

How would you describe your fashion style?
I follow up with fashion and I spend a lot on clothes since I am on TV, although I usually prefer wearing basics and comfortable outfits. I think if a girl wears what suits her body shape it is better than following up with fashion since not everything suits everyone.

What is your favourite city and where do you like to hang out there?
Since I have Spanish roots from my mom’s side, I find myself in Barcelona. This simple city with old buildings and a modern lifestyle gives me so much satisfaction . Walking through the allies in the center of this beautiful city you find my favourite place ‘Ziryab’. It’s a small, cozy place where Catalan and Arab cuisines meet. If you visit Barcelona you have to check it out!

Your favourite cuisine?
Oh, this is so hard to answer! It depends on my mood. I love food in general so you might find me having the famous Jordanian dish ‘mansaf’ today and later find me in a Japanese restaurant having sushi.

What’s your favourite book/film/music?
I am a big fan of horror and action movies, I enjoy all types of music especially oldies. My favourite book is ‘The Forty Rules of Love’ by Elif Safak.

What do you do to stay in shape?
The secret is a combination of a few simple things that keeps me, and anyone else, in shape. I stay away from junk food, eat balanced meals, workout or do any kind of sports and drink enough water. I also try to skip dinner meals.

What are your favourite hang out spots in the city you live in?
Recently, at the weekend my favourite place is ‘Bonsai’ restaurant lounge. It has good music, delicious food and a cozy atmosphere. On week days I usually enjoy staying home with my pets or having my friends over to watch a movie or a series after a long working day.

What has been your proudest moment so far?
I am proud that I jumped and risked to become who I am today.

What are your plans and dreams for the future?
To have my own show. I’m also looking forward to being the main character in a film after being part of a Jordanian series in Ramadan ‘Alhob Alhob’.

Your message for us at CP magazine:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team for this interview and of course a big thanks to the readers who took the time reading this article. Best of luck completing another year of amazing articles and great work.




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