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It’s easy to lose hope on future travel while in quarantine, but, luckily for us, tourism boards and travel companies around the world have created travel experiences for us to enjoy from the comfort of our home. There are a number of neat virtual escapes that truly make you feel like you’re immersed in the country. Here is a list of four unique trips around the world that we are now lucky enough to take virtually. Happy traveling!


Arctic Adventure in Sweden
Travel and experience Artic Sweden in 360-degree VR video. Virtual travelers will join local expert guides on some of the region’s iconic Arctic experiences. Guests will virtually arrive north of the Arctic Circle into Kiruna. The first stop, ICEHOTEL, where a guide will give a personal tour around four of the jaw-dropping, individually designed and carved ice rooms and explain how it all comes together – from the frozen water in the river flowing beside the hotel, to being transformed into beautiful masterpieces. The tour heads south to Lassbyn to meet local guide and founder of the Aurora Safari Camp. Guests will be taken on a Snowmobile adventure through the stunning Swedish wilderness visiting two frozen lakes and learning about local wildlife and landmarks on the way. The third stop is the Treehotel. Travelers will learn about the history of the hotel including a tour inside four of the seven amazing tree-top hotel rooms. The final stop of the tour takes guests to the wilderness around Kroktask. Here, Yellow Snow Husky tours will teach guests how to harness a team of huskies in preparation for the journey across the frozen landscape, before setting off on a dogsled adventure.

 Photo Credits: James Padolsey on Upsplash

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Safari Across Kenya and Tanzania
Asilia Africa is offering adventurous travelers a virtual safari experience through Kenya and Tanzania. From Masai Mara to Serengeti, their 360 virtual tours include boating safaris, walking safaris and the classic jeep safaris. Travelers are able to use the arrows to get a 360 view of the location and animals. A pride of lions, a lone hyena, fish eagles, and elephants eating and drinking are among the animals that guests will spot while on safari. Travelers are also able to tour the two lodges on site as well as watch a beautiful African sunset.

Photo Credits: Talal Al-Rubah @talal92

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Sailing Adventure in Australia
Adventure through the Great Barrier Reef in this truly interactive classroom. You will meet your crew members and be able to track your travel location on a map. The tour even shows expedition statistics such as distance traveled and sailing time. Not to worry, travelers will be able to stop and dive to see what life is like under the sea. The best part is that guests are given the opportunity to learn about so many aspects of the Reef. Guests will return from the trip having not only seen this stunning wonder, but also with an incredible amount of knowledge on what’s really happening down under.

Photo Credits: Giorgia Doglioni on Upsplash

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Explore Chile
This app offer travelers a 360-degree view of beautiful spots in Chile. With a variety of themes, app users can go on a unique journey through the natural and cultural heritage of Chile. You can even save and download images to create a travel photo album of your trip in Chile! From the Atacama Desert to Easter Island to Torres del Paine to Patagonia, adventurers will complete their Chilean journey having seen the most beautiful areas in the country. Everything on the app can be viewed via a mobile device or VR glasses.

Photo Credits: Olga Stalska on Upsplash

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