Top 5 Places Around Riyadh

Top 5 Places Around Riyadh
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Once you are in Riyadh and having a long weekend you can find places of nature around the Saudi Capital, which are usually not so socialized and not too crowded. Day trips are perfect for a weekend escape from the capital.


This place is especially lovely after the spring rains. The name or area Mishash Karrarah . A depression between high sand dunes is transformed into a lake by water rushing down off the escarpment along channels in the valley floor until it can flow no further, being trapped by the encircling dunes. A lake surrounded with spring flowers and birds. The valley beyond the lake is covered with acacia and calotropics bushes. Red dunes appear as sand mountains with amazing shades of red sand.


The Black rock headland facing a narrow pass between escarpement and sand dunes covered with ancient graffiti. Excellent examples of rock art human figures, you will see riders on horseback. There are also number of wasms, or tribal marks. The earliest figures on these rocks are supposed to date between 2000 and 1000 bc and even maybe earlier


Few people know that less than 2 hours from Riyadh by car, are the Khurais reefs. Khurais sharks are 50 million years older than Red Sea sharks.15-20 million years ago, most of the eastern half of Saudi Arabia was covered by the sea. The low ridge of hills of Khurais contains the fossilized remains of the marine life.These fossils include bony reef fish, bivalves, sea urchins and four families of sharks have been indentified near the Khurais reefs.


The Edge of the World as a rock framed *window* to a dramatic view from the 300-meter-high cliffs overlooking the plain below. These cliffs are the result of the tectonic movement of the Arabian plate towards the north east because of the spread of the Red Sea raft located 1000 kilometers to the west of Tuwaiq. As the cliffs look towards the west it even offers unforgettable sights of sunsets above the Saudi Arabian desert


Al Hair is an old village. One of the best places to get closer to the Riyadh river with wonderful birdlife by the water. In fact the river is the city treated waste water which runs for 50 km down the Wadi Hanifah until it peters out, forming lakes in places where it widens. Water is quite clean enough for gold fish. The river attracts a lot of migrating and nesting birds, such a grey herons, little egrets, squacco herons and a snub warbler and many more. You will be surrounded with beautiful bird songs combined with the river water flow.
A perfect place for walk along a river for miles with casuarina bushes and trees.

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