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TOP 10 MOVIES OF 2020 TOP 10 MOVIES OF 2020 – CP Magazine
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//Othman AlQalfas//

It’s the beginning of the new year, so it’s time to choose my top 10 movies of 2020. Although we couldn’t see some of them in the cinema and some other movies have been delayed to 2021. But we still enjoyed many movies and for this list I have placed 20 movies and choose my top 10 movies so let’s start this article.

10 – Love and Monsters
This Movie is similar to the movie “Zombie Land” if you like that one for sure you will like this. It’s an Action, Adventure and Comedy movie. The story talk about a guy who struggle to meet his girlfriend during a Monsterpocalypse. You don’t want to miss it.

9 – Greyhound
Based on a true story that occurred during the second World War. When a U.S. Navy Commander face the German Submarine and do his best to protect the whole fleet of ships. It’s written and Starring Tom Hanks. It’s a movie that will take your breath away.

8 – The Trial of the Chicago 7
A movie produced by Netflix and it’s a real story. The movie talks about the 7 people who got into trial for what happened at the Democratic National Convention protest in Chicago, Illinois. This protest was against Vietnam War and the trail Happened in 1968.

7 – Sonic the Hedgehog
I have been at the movie premier of this movie and I really enjoyed it. Based on a video game designed by Sega in 1991. A well played comedy movie that will add action and adventure in the story line. The Star Jim Carrey takes this movie to another level and adds his flavor when he plays the evil genius Dr. Robotnik.

6 – Bad Boys for Life
After Bad Boys (1995) and Bad Boys 2 (2003) we see Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett again in Bad Boys for Life. Finally we saw Martin Lawrence again with his best friend Will Smith again. This movie is dedicated to all Bad Boys sequel lovers. Action, Comedy and Crime movie that will make you get emotional.

5 – Tenet
Tenet is one of the movie that has been delayed three times until we got a chance to finally see it. A movie that is written and Directed by Christopher Nolan is a must watch movie. But Unfortunately I expected more from this movie. Never the less it’s a good movie to watch but you might feel lost or lose your understanding for whatever is going on. And as the recent movies that Nolan written it talks about time and time travel.

4 – The Invisible Man
It’s an annoying movie that will make you feel disturbed and uncomfortable. I’m not a fan of Horror movies but this movie got me attached while it introduce drama and mystery to it. It will focus on the victim “Cecilia” who star it “Elisabeth Moss” from the “The Handmaid’s Tale” series. She will simply try to get away from her ex life.

3 – Sound of Metal
This is a Drama movie that talks about a successful heavy metal drummer who get a huge hit. He lose his hearing suddenly and he should find his way through life to get back on his feet. An inspiring movie which motivate you to fight through life for the right decisions. MUST WATCH.

2 – Onward
This is the only animation movie that is feature in this list. It deserve to be in number two. First of all it is produced by Disney’s Pixar Company and second of all it has a great story. It’s about two brothers go on for adventure to return their dead father back to life for one day. A movie that will be enjoyed by children and adults together.

1 – The Gentlemen
This movie is my Number 1 in my list forever. I didn’t even think twice about its rank. The story is fabulous and it talks about American guy who lives in UK and built his weed empire. With many twists in the story and the exceptional story telling you won’t feel bored. The actors are great, Staring Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell and many other great actors.

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