This gifting season is fun when you shop at Fantasy World!

This gifting season is fun when you shop at Fantasy World!
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Growing up in the UK, at this time each year my parents would take me into London to see all the wonderful street light displays and to visit two of the best and biggest toy stores in the capital city.

It was such a memorable treat to become immersed in the most fabulous toys from around the world, even though the prices meant that very few would ultimately find their way into my toy cupboard at home. But it was a magical day of dreams and fantasies that I looked forward to each year. So when my good friend, the celebrity Chef Mohammed Al Kallha, told me that he was proposing to take his Tween daughter Liana for some festive shopping at Fantasy World in The Avenues Mall, I was instantly overcome with nostalgia and excitement and asked if I could join them in their expedition. Oh, and to capture some of the magic for posterity, I took along one of our CP photographers.

Mohammed had heard that a newly revamped Tweens & Lifestyle section in the Avenues store had so many choices of products aimed specifically at Tweenagers (that’s ages between 8 and 12, I’m told) that it seemed the ideal place at this festive gifting time to buy some treats for Liana’s friends and cousins. But when he realised that Liana would happily buy everything in the store, the idea of placing his own daughter in a shopping trolley and racing around as quickly as possible might be easier on his wallet.

Dad need not have been so worried, though, because the prices were all fairly reasonable and everything seemed to be such good value.

Bling, Bling, and even more Bling
As if it wasn’t enough to contend with the trending Unicorns and new-season Mermaids, Mohammed’s eyes were dazzled by the vast amount of glitz, glitter and sequins by which he was surrounded. Having escaped the trolley, Liana had headed directly to examine the new Constellation collection from ISCREAM, which includes pieces like cool holographic bags (in sizes ranging from small cosmetic bags and pencil cases to backpacks and roomy weekender bags), and even a glitter-filled water bottle. All rather dazzling and sparkly!


Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
But with even more sparkle, Liana had spotted some reversible sequin pillows shaped like mermaids, unicorns, yummy cupcakes and more, some pretty slides, and the cutest blinged-out crossbody bags and purses.

Supermodel Ambitions
Fantasy World offers a variety of gorgeous bracelets, jewelry boxes, trinket trays and jewelry clips in cool, trendy styles that are the perfect way to accessorize bags and backpacks, and they have some of the prettiest cord bracelets with tassels and charms.

There’s also a great selection of trend-setting nail kits, and Mohammed struggled to pull Liana away from these!

Pyjama Parties and Sleepovers
When Liana mentioned the word “sleepover”, dad seemed to go a little pale at the thought of a bunch of tween girls invading his space for a night. But when he saw the range of super soft kids’ lounge pillows, he seriously thought to buy a few. Filled with microbeads, these squishy lounge pillows are perfect for a tween game room or a reading nook, and are anything but boring. And they are so comfortable that Liana and her friends would never want to get up and disturb dad’s quiet time – they’d be too busy lounging in luxury and discussing nails and stuff!

A Creative Urge
By this time, and with a near-full trolley, Mohammed and I were feeling tired and struggling to keep up with Liana, who was still excited and anxious to buy even more goodies.

As a celebrity chef, however, Mohammed is well aware of the importance of creativity, and of encouraging creativity at a young age, so he was happy to give Liana a free reign in the final section that we visited. Mind you, I think he may have been too exhausted to stop her from piling up all the boxes in a second trolley!

Of course, this visit was principally for Lania … now I need to find a friend with a son so I can invite them to go back and play in the Boys’ World section!

And Liana might look despairingly but, hey, here’s always room in every home for another cuddly toy!

Fantasy World welcomed its first customer in Kuwait on April 28, 1996. Importing some of the finest toys from Europe, the United States and The Far East and retailing them at a 1000 square meter free standing building resembling a castle at the Al Rai business district in Kuwait, the US-designed store was the region’s first upscale toy store concept in Kuwait.

Organized for the convenience of the customers, the toys are segmented into categories such as Amazing Minds, Early Years, Boys World, Girls World, Tweens & Lifestyle, Outdoor & Sports and cover the needs of all kids from infants to twelve-year-olds. Fantasy World boasts its one of a kind unique online shopping facility, giving convenience for shoppers to shop from their home and have the option of either collecting from the nearest Fantasy World store or having it home delivered.

EDGE (Eclectic Designer Gifting Excitement) a special segment with latest technological gadgets accessories are ideal for gifting adults. Fantasy World now has six stores in Kuwait at different locations and is recognized as the first choice for toys and offers the latest, best and widest range of branded toys. As convenience shopping they have an online shopping website which known for its on time home delivery.


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