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Many of us wait for it every year, its arrival eagerly anticipated. We use this merry time to build stronger bridges with our loved ones and seriously, who doesn’t love Christmas time? Ebenezer Scrooge perhaps? But even he soon learnt his lesson and rode back on the merry wagon faster than you can say Merry Christmas! It took three ghostly visits for Ebenezer to understand the importance of this time of year and I’m guessing some of us would be just as reluctant to buy into the whole idea. After all, isn’t it just a big waste of money?

But Christmas isn’t just about family visits and gift wrapping. It’s a time for serious forgiveness. A time to leave all ills behind and carry on. A time to take from yourself and give to others. A time to open your heart, accept others, accept who you are and be happy. It’s also time to promise yourself to try and better your life, and the lives of others, this coming year. Christmas gives us all a restart button, a re-boost of energy and, most importantly, a refresh of all previous mistakes. It gives us a delete button so to speak, once a year, every year, enabling us to swipe clean any ugly memory or bad omen and replace it with the gift of a happy Christmas.

But that’s not all. There’s more. This time of year makes your heart light with positivity and clear thoughts of a brighter future. Whether you like it or not, it’s often said that the Christmas mood is gracefully contagious and that you will soon find yourself sucked in by the festivities that put a smile on everyone’s face. That said, it’s also a time for gifts, so as well as the wondrous mood it puts us in, it’s also a time to spend, spend and spend some more!

But let me tell you a secret. If you have a huge family like mine with many individual tastes, you can never go wrong when you do it yourself. DIY gifts are the perfect solution for all members of your immediate family, especially when you have a tight budget. A DIY gift basket is a wonderful Christmas gift that keeps on giving, way after Christmas is over. It can contain scrubs, soaps or mixed oils, some of which you can easily make at home. For example, to make a scrub you can use ground coffee beans and brown sugar with a dash of vanilla scented organic oil and some pure virgin olive oil. Just whip them up real quick, until they are supple but still flaky and transfer into a clear class jar decorated with ribbons and a note that can make a hard man cry with sentiments! A gift such as this costs practically nothing other than the time it takes to prepare. This means a lot to the recipient because it was handmade with love.

So put your thinking caps on and get to it! The more simple in cost but elaborate with thought, the more extraordinary they are to the feelings of the heart, especially if they are made, decorated and delivered solely by you.

That just leaves me to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. May this New Year bring you peace of mind, love and all your dreams come true.

Don’t forget, stay safe and fashionable!


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