//Yasmin Bahman//

Over the past decades there has been great strides towards equality between men and women leading up to the feminist movement.

Women endure responsibility since centuries based on socialized gender roles placed by their societies.

It started with the hunter/gatherer hypothesis where men hunt and women gather combined with looking after their children. Due to their ability to multitask they aspired to fill different roles ranging from motherhood, homemaker, employee, entrepreneur and even president.

They have the skills to carry out all of these roles. Women nurture, prioritize, organize time, push back stress and keep calm under pressure. Empathy gives them the ability to read and understand people’s emotions leading to better communication skills and intuitive judgement. Queen Rania married into royalty and used her power and remarkable empathy to spread good.

Around the world people have ignorantly jumped to conclusion that women in Islam are oppressed. Although there are oppressive laws in certain countries around the world, it is not what they are about. They are, in fact, proud, strong, and free women who play critical roles in life. It was Sayida Zainab, the prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) granddaughter, who insured that the message of Islam did not vanish from history amidst her personal crisis.

In their faith it is said that Eve was created from one of Adam’s ribs to be his companion which clarifies that the female gender was meant to walk besides males and not behind them.

Women are resiliant by nature, they push past obstacles and see to it through due to their passion and perseverance. Pressures they face in life is twice the amount men face to fill many different roles trying to live up to an imaginary feminin ideal. They aspire to do it all; reach the top of their professions and fly like Superman, helping society grow and develop at a faster pace taking the lead in redesigning the world.

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