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With a number of alternative room types, from trailers to yurts to teepees and tents, El Cosmico is the perfect spot for the nomadic spirit and adventurous traveler.

//by: José Berrocoso//

Located on 21-acres on the edge of Marfa, Texas, in the United States of America, El Cosmico is a community lodging concept conceived by Bunkhouse hotelier Liz Lambert, the creative force behind Austin’s Hotel San José and Hotel Saint Cecilia. Bunkhouse’s vision was to create a communal retreat that cultivates artistic engagement and offers a temporary retreat from the modern world. Collaborating with architecture firm Lake/Flato and a creative team of artists and builders, Bunkhouse has created an artistic campground of trailers, yurts, tepees, tents and communal hangouts.

Accommodations at El Cosmico include restored vintage trailers, made by Vagabond, Spartan, Branstrator, Kozy Coach and Airstream in the mid 20th century, all which feature marine varnished birch interiors and a unique blend of vibrant furnishings and décor, as well as a limited edition micro-home designed and built in collaboration with Kasita. The safari and scout tents, Sioux-style tepees, yurts and tent campsites accommodate those looking for a more rustic experience, and all include access to the communal outdoor kitchen and bath house. El Cosmico’s common spaces, a hammock grove, an outdoor kitchen and dining area, a community lounge and mercantile, an outdoor stage, and a reading room, are dispersed throughout the grounds.

With limited access to digital connectivity, a pause from the modern world is the basis of El Cosmico’s appeal. The lodging concept encourages a “get your hands dirty” philosophy through regular on-site creative workshops and events that focus on cooking, crafts, and live music, as well as back-to-basic activities, including stargazing, biking and exploring Marfa.

El Cosmico is located just outside the city limits of the cultural mecca Marfa. The town is equally influenced by its cattle ranching legacy, its proximity to Mexico and the vibrant migration of artists from big cities who have been drawn to Marfa since the early 1970’s for its serenity and mystic quality of light. Here you will see a real cowboy and a major work of art in the same afternoon. What is not desert was once ocean, dinosaur homeland and Apache territory. There is talk of an inexplicable, elusive phenomenon of lights. Marfa sits amidst some of the Southwest’s best natural and built wonders, including Bing Bend State and National Parks, McDonald Observaroty, Chinati Hot Springs, the Davis Mountains and Balmorhea.
In addition to the annual music festival, Trans-Pecos Festival of Music + Love, held each fall on-site, El Cosmico has curated a unique program of events and workshop retreats, exploring cooking, building, and songwriting, which are designed to inspire guests to exercise their creative passions. Reoccurring major events include Big City Camp Cooking, Camp Design Build Adventure, and Sunset Soundtracks.

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