The Bed Shop: A spectacular destination for the sleep of your dreams

The Bed Shop: A spectacular destination for the sleep of your dreams
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If you take just one look at Mona, you know she gets her beauty sleep. She surveyed her friends who share her exquisite taste and a weakness for high-end furniture to find out where to look for well-crafted beds, deluxe mattresses and perfectly tailored bedding. The successful and gorgeous then set out to refurbish her boudoir. Before she knew it, everyone unanimously agreed The Bed Shop is where you‘d go if you wanted to sleep like a baby and your dreams to come true.

Dream Shopping
As she set foot into the space reminiscing a bedroom oasis, all she could see was an extensive array of beds, mattresses and pillows. Impeccable designs, exceptional fabrics and elegant accessories displayed cleverly around the store could have easily overwhelmed her if she wasn’t greeted and toured by the kind, sharp staff.

A man skilled at his work, he was eager to walk her through various sections, from hand-crafted beds signed by the craftsmen who made them, to bedding and individual brand expos, such as Tempur.

As he took her around to show her how the store makes everyday life better, they cruised around and looked at the company’s take on things every sleep haven should feature.


The Bed Safari
The staff was excited to present Mona with the frontrunners in the world of blissful slumber and patient to answer all of her questions. Colunex, Tempur, Apricot and King Koil were just some headliners to see and admire.

They first checked out Kluft Mattress & Base and Tempur Grand Pillow.
Famous for using luxury materials like cashmere, Joma® wool, mohair and horsetail, Kluft is a hand-made, hand-stitched mattress, put together in such a way that ergonomically supports your spine as you’re getting your night-time rest. Cool, right? Who’d say that you could relieve back pain, asanas-free, in your sleep?

Tempur Grand Pillow wins fights if you manage to lift it. Being heavy as it is, you get your weight training while goofing around with your loved ones on weekends. It feels quite comfortable just by touching it. It’s filled with memory foam and the cover comes off.



The next stop was Colunex Mattress New Start with Gaynor Bed Set.
Aesthetically beautiful and endlessly inviting for its supreme comfort, this is where the royalty calls it a day. With their revolutionary production technology, Colunex defined what it means to honor your craft by sleeping your way to the top. The innovative minds behind this smart design understand that a terrific day starts the night before. And the superstar they made feels as fantastic as it looks, too.




Another standout was King Koil Mattress Avenue Latex and Madge Bed Set.
A mattress supported by the gold coal made from the German steel allows you to sleep in, skip the gym and do those jumping jacks with your morning coffee right beside you. No, it won’t spill all over – that’s the fun of it. The exclusive latex consists of the open-cell structure foam, which makes the air more fluent, so forget about night sweats and sudden wakings. This masterpiece takes pride in the premium cashmere and wool surface, providing you with your exclusive night-time spa. Effortlessly elegant, King Koil brings you sensuous opulence that improves your relationships, gets you ready for six-figure income, boosts your creativity and ensures you go through your day feeling exuberant.



The Winner
When the staff introduced Mona to Tempur Mattress Microtech and Steffi Comfort Box Bed Set, it was clear this match was, indeed, made in heaven.

She decided to go with the VIP in the room for its brilliant design built on non-other but NASA technology. Tempur’s claim to fame is their signature, one-of-a-kind material certified by The Space Foundation. It’s no wonder this piece of art makes sleep an out-of-this-world experience. Tempur brings splendor to every bedroom and promises a dreamlike rest. Whether you’re into a cooler, firmer or softer feel, the company pays tribute to excellence by creating an escape from the demands of the day. It is your wonderful night-time retreat, the mini-vacay you deserve at the end of each day.


The next one up was Apricot 5-Seat Corner Set.
If you look to glam up your space, the proper corner sofa can make or break deals. A strong design statement transforms a room from dull and drab to fresh and chic. Whether you’re moving into a new place or treating your bedroom with a fabulous makeover, Apricot speaks on behalf of the classic style. It presents itself with its remarkable feel, extreme versatility and sophisticated appeal.

It’s the little black dress that goes well with anything, scores partnerships and makes fast friends. Created for tasteful relaxation, it’s in this clean-cut wonder that you read your Vogue, host your guests, and get your daily fix of elegance.


The Bed Shop
Passionate about life at home and stunning spaces, The Bed Shop is about luxury, authenticity and extravaganza. Born out of a desire to create a safe, cozy and alluring sleep environment, The Bed Shop is inspired by innovation, sophistication and extraordinary comfort. Taking pride in improving the health and lives of its fans, the company’s collaboration with the most prestigious brands in the field remains a personal commitment of its owners and managers. While boasting traditional values, the company promotes the trendsetters, contributing to the ground-breaking novelty and changing the world one night at the time. With enthusiasm for fine-crafted beds, sharply-designed mattresses and beautifully tailored bed sets, The Bed Shop aims to provide a unique lifestyle experience and the sleep ideas of the future.


The Bed Shop
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