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A lot of practices believe that breathing correctly can have a significant impact on our overall health. When a woman is giving birth they go with her through the steps of breathing, or you can go to meditation classes the solely follow on breathwork. In fact, I personally went to the Mayo Clinic for some chronic health issues I deal with and a key area of their focus was breathing. I have been to breathing classes prior to the Mayo Clinic and also tried to figure it out myself through YouTube, but I always struggled with this. When I walked into the Mayo Clinic, They strapped me up to this machine where I was visibly able to see my muscles tense up and relax and to also get an idea how deep and slow my breathing was. They were showing me a visual of what was happening internally which is basically proving scientifically the effects breathing has on us.


It took me a while to practice this technique. I’m not going to lie, I struggled in the beginning and felt like I was having more trouble breathing and a panic attack. I was given different methods of how to relax myself and to see in front of me what was happening internally helped so much. A huge belief is that we enter the world breathing correctly, but as we progress in life our breathing changes. A lot of people start breathing from the chest instead of allowing the breath to come from the diaphragm. This is why it won’t be an instant quick fix that you are able to master if you decide to practice this, because you will soon figure out that you have breathing wrong for probably 10, 20, 30 or more years. It will have to be a conscious effort of continuously monitoring your breath.

The act of breathing correctly, with time can have a profound impact on your everyday life. Breathing in a more deep and slow manner can help with the following:

1) Painful and tense muscles
2) Anxiety
3) Fatigue
4) Brain fog
5) Anger Issues
6) Stomach pains
7) Widespread body pain
8) Depression
9) Blood circulation

There is scientific evidence to explain exactly how breathing can help the above mentioned which can easily be googled. The beautiful thing about breathing is that it is both backed up by science and has also been practiced for hundreds of years by many ancient traditions and ways of life. As mentioned previously, this is not something you will master straight away and also requires practice. You will have to consciously monitor your breathing throughout the day. You may also have to start by practicing straight for 5 – 10 minutes, where there are no distractions. There are visual breathing exercising on YouTube that are very beneficial, if you type in “Visual Breathing Exercise”. It is also possible to go to group classes or to certified practitioners such as myself for one-on-one sessions.

Another really interesting fact about practicing breathing is people who practice it regularly have developed a calmer demeanor, with their facial natural expressions becoming more relaxed after practicing it every day for at least 2 weeks. Some have made claims that they look in the mirror and look younger, just as if they have had botox. It would be an interesting experiment to take a before and after photo to see for yourself. So with all the benefits of breathing shared on the table, why not start practicing it today or recommend it to someone you care about?


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