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“To be or not to be that is the question”

Talal Bassem is an upcoming young Kuwaiti actor. His performance in some recent TV Commercials has made him an immediate favourite of many.

While he is still studying for his engineering degree, he is trying best to maintain a good balance between his studies and acting career.

We had the opportunity to sit with Talal this month to get to know him more and interview him for our July issue.

Tell us about your education.
I am currently a civil engineering student in UK

What are your favourite childhood memories?
My favourite memories are spending time playing soccer with my friends.

Who inspired you to take up acting as a career?
Since childhood, I liked to go the movies and filming locations. So, I would say that my parents and close friends inspired me to become an actor

When and how did you get into acting?
It was by chance I would say. I was in the theatre auditions and the director asked me if I would like to do the intro for the theatre. I did it and he liked it and it all started from there.

What was the first project you worked on?
The real first project for me is (Amina Haf 2020) but also, I did some small projects when I was a kid.

What new projects are you now working on?
Now I am doing two out season TV series (Jenya with 8 episodes) and (Altofan with 30 episodes) both of them will be before Ramadan.

Best thing about being an actor?
The Best thing in acting is when you meet your fans and they give you the feedback and you see them happy from your work.

..And the hardest?
To be honest I like what I do so for me there’s no hardest.

How do you like to relax and unwind from a busy day?
I like to go to the gym or to travel.

The hardest or difficult scene you’ve ever filmed?
The last scene in (Amina Haf) it was a tragedy scene between father and son.

Name your dream role you’d like to do one day?
I would like to do Hamlet’s character (William Shakespeare)

Three things that make you happy?
My three things would be Sports, travelling, and to see my parents happy.

Do you have any tricks or routines to stay healthy and look good?
Sleep well, eat healthy, and workout regularly.

Your motto in life?
Acting is behaving truthfully under imagery circumstances.

Your favourite quote?
“To be or not to be that is the question”

Do you have any other secret talent(s)?
I am good at soccer

Best advice you have been given and by who?
My father says, always do good things to people and don’t wait for them to say thank you. Just do.

Your message for us at CP magazine.
My message for you all is that I love your amazing magazine and I thanks for your interviewing me and supporting young and upcoming talent. I wish all the best for your team.

Favourite Sport: soccer

Favourite Music: Pop music

Favourite Travel Destination: Spain

Favourite TV Show: Game Of Thrones

Favourite Food: Maloukhia (Egyptian dish)

Favourite all-time movie: Toy story

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