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When it comes to private health care in Kuwait, it’s difficult to know where to start. There are so many private hospitals and clinics, it’s almost impossible to decide which one to choose. Which is why I was grateful to visit Taiba Hospital recently and to learn all about their healthcare facilities.

From the moment I walked in the door, I was greeted with friendly efficiency. The hospital, I was told, has recently undergone extensive renovation and has been extended beyond its original footprint. There’s no denying it’s an eye-catching structure, the sleek, modern interior just as impressive as the contemporary facade. But it’s the facilities that really set it apart.

The hospital is spread over ten floors, the elevators bearing the words Happiness, Collaboration, Confidentiality and Communication, reflecting positivity from the start. My first stop was the Orthopedic department. Situated on the first floor, the walls are decorated with various sports shirts, each signed by very grateful patients. Clearly, the original owners of the shirts (professional footballers, handball players and hockey players, to name just three) were thankful for the treatment received at Taiba Hospital, allowing them to continue enjoying and competing in their chosen sport. What better recommendation? The department is led by Dr. Waleed Altnaib, a Fellow of the Royal Canadian College of Surgeons and member of the Canadian Board of Orthopedic Surgery.

A total of twelve doctors make up the Orthopedic team so patients are in very safe hands. It’s also worth pointing out that in 2017 Taiba Hospital received accreditation from ‎the JCI (Joint Commission International) for two of its Orthopedic programs: ‎the first ‎internationally for the Lumbar Decompression and ‎Fixation ‎Program, and the first in the Middle East for ‎the Knee Replacement Program.

The hospital is also proud to boast ownership of a Robotic ATT, one of only a few in the hospital private sector in Kuwait. Used for rehabilitation of the neck and back it aids disk decompression treatment by moving the spine through a variety of postural ranges. The equipment has world class credibility and significantly reduces the time of both treatment and recovery – quite a coup for Taiba. The Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy department (home of the Robotic ATT) offers a range of services including treatment relating to musculoskeletal disorders, post-surgical rehabilitation, neurological disorders and sport injuries.

My guide at the hospital was keen to point out that Taiba was the only private hospital in Kuwait to have board certified emergency doctors. The Emergency team is able to treat a range of symptoms and complaints including concussion, fractures, pregnancy and trauma. Full medical staff are available around the clock offering efficient coordination with all hospital departments.

They also operate strict infection control precautions to keep patients and staff safe from epidemics. In addition, their Triage CTAS system (Canadian Triage Activity Scale) is the only one in use in Kuwait’s private sector.

My next stop was the Laboratory, another highlight of the hospital’s facilities. With seven specialized labs, each with glass walls, not only can patients observe the laboratory process, but the hospital’s work is entirely transparent. The internationally recognized laboratory offers a portfolio of over 1,200 clinical analyses in a variety of areas and fields.

Taiba must surely be the best hospital for newborns in Kuwait. It was the first private hospital in the country to be accredited as a Baby Friendly Hospital recognizing its commitment in promoting breastfeeding and the wellbeing of both pregnant women and newborn babies. Situated on the fifth floor, the Nursery has fifteen dedicated beds and sits alongside the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Of course, the comprehensive care for infants extends beyond the Nursery. The hospital’s Pediatrics Department offers diagnosis, assessment and follow-up treatment and boasts 24/7 care for premature babies. Dealing with everything from emergency cases to hereditary diseases to chronic conditions, you can be assured your child is in safe hands.

The hospital offers multiple rooms and suites to suit all preferences and budgets. Whether you choose a regular room, intermediate suite or VIP option, the care provided will be first class and the commitment unsurpassed.

I was also interested in the strong local administration and management team at Taiba and was particularly impressed to learn that the hospital has, from what I’m led to believe, the first female CEO in Kuwait within the healthcare industry. It also has the most Kuwaiti doctors (both full and part time) compared to other private hospitals. Another tick in the box for this forward-thinking healthcare provider.

Taiba Hospital prides itself on its facilities, expertise and care. Its operations are aligned around the needs of its patients and their families and are reinforced by its core values; integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence. It recognizes the importance of teamwork and is committed to continuously improving its quality of service and to promoting community welfare.

Health is something we all take for granted. Unfortunately, it can sometimes let us down. It’s at those times we need a healthcare provider we can trust and rely on. Based on my recent visit, Taiba Hospital is the perfect choice.

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