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Meet Khalid Al-Mulla (a.k.a) SYLO. A young Kuwaiti singer who also writes his songs and directs his videos. Khalid studied at the boarding school in Crans Montana Switzerland. The music culture and society in Europe helped and influenced his music.

His aim is to make it big in the English music in Kuwait.

Read our exclusive interview with SYLO and know more about him.

Please introduce yourself to our readers?
Hello! my name is SYLO. I am a Kuwaiti singer, songwriter, director and music promoter.

What does SYLO mean? Why did you choose SYLO as your stage name?
The name SYLO came from an abbreviation of what my family and friends used to say to me which was “Sort Your Life Out”. Because growing up I was never really sure what the future held for me. When I first listened to legends like Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley I knew this was the career I wanted to progress in.

Tell us about your education?
I was born and raised in Kuwait but when I first turned 14 i decided to move to boarding school in Crans Montana Switzerland. I wanted to start being independent and study languages and music. The music culture and society in Europe really helped and influenced my music to this day. I am now majoring in electrical engineering and minoring in marketing at the American university of kuwait.

When did you first learn your passion for music/singing?
I was raised in Kuwait and loved growing up between my family and traditional Arabic music. In 2011 I had an opportunity to do my first song and the rest was history.

What would you say is your special trait?
I believe that my special trait is that I am very determined and when I set a goal for myself i make sure to never give up on what I set to do. Even if 8 years later.

What are your hobbies?
My hobbies include skiing, bowling and horseback riding. Most of my time is spent creating music, videos and concerts.

Which is your favorite travel destination and why?
My favorite travel destination has to be Cannes, France because that’s where I believe I am most creative.

How was your experience for your music video shoot?
When you give your 100% in every aspect of your work, the hard work pays off. Me being a music video director, I visualize the story and decide how the video should look like before bringing it to life. So, the experience is built step by step.

How did you produce your first video for your music?
I started singing professionally when I was Ten. My career started with a viral single that pushed my career. It was released in Februart of 2012 “أنا الكويتي”. After that, it got major exposure and reached 8 million plays/views through all platforms and became a go to song for kids all over Kuwait.

What do you think about English music being produced in Kuwait?
I believe that since Kuwait doesn’t really have a music scene in English, I would like to be the first to make it big!

tell us more about your recent Collaboration?
Hamdulillah, god has blessed me with so many things like collaborations. Now, I have a huge collaboration with ED’N’RAY who are big DJ DUO in Lebanon. I Would like to promote this more and just say it’s like so crazy how now the world is. Like we met through social media and we have made this a hit song together.

when is your song going to be released?
It’s going to be released later this month.

What makes you happy?
Honestly, me and friend. He’s my producer. We do all of our work together. I never bought a beat. I write all my music and it’s something that I’m very happy about and this dJ DUO that came up now they got me verified on all platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and others.

What plans do you have for the future?
My album and music videos are coming and I’m doing huge collaborations in the future with very famous people in Kuwait, RNB and Hip-Hop scenes.

Your message for our readers?
I hope all readers find something that resonates within them in my music and I would like to add that without a strong team and a strong determination nothing would be possible.

Your message for us at CP Magazine?
I would like to thank CP Magazine for including me in your wonderful magazine and introducing me to all your readers. I also would like to thank all my followers, fans and family who have been with me from the start. This is only the beginning.

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