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“Women who spend a lot of time shopping, live longer and are less likely to suffer from depression” said the late empress of style, JOAN RIVERS, God bless her soul.
And she was right.

If we shop right, that is!

So my beauties, if you are looking for a quick, closet fixer-upper, then you are already in the right time and place by reading this article. All women repeatedly want to know what to shop for, what items are relevant, what is a must-have this year, what will look good and will not falter or default her attire game, what is timeless and, most importantly, what is a complete waste of time and money, not to mention a complete waste of closet space?

So fasten your seatbelts ladies, put your wallets in the upright position and do give that stewardess and that shopping attendant (who is me today!) some credit; because I want you to be safe and not turn into one of those shopaholics with easy access to money. Instead, I offer an easier, guaranteed remedy which is to look, listen and learn. Not to mention the saving on those credit cards! And with that, step one will be accomplished and you are on your way to a swift recovery.

Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe, your eyes gawking as if this closet is an alien that you would love to send back to Mars on the first space shuttle? If so, then do read on how we, together, can remedy this feeling of bewilderment with a few easy steps.

Step one – You should love and be able to remember all of the items you buy. If you don’t remember them, chances are you never really liked them and you will never wear them. So you should probably return them immediately (if you still have the receipt).

Step two – Shopping should be fun and can be shared with friends to enhance the experience. Two heads exchanging opinions when shopping is always better than one. Plus, you will hear all the latest gossip you missed when you were away from your office on vacation!

If you have always dreamed but failed of getting ready and being out that door in mere minutes or just wish those nothing-to-wear days will never visit you again, then I suggest you continue reading.

Now we get to the real nitty-gritty. This is the fun part my lovelies! The shopping experience itself and what we all should and must have, ready and available in our closets at all times, forever and ever.

DENIMS (or the street name, JEANS) – The best pick that fits mostly all, would be a high-waist or high-rise fitted pair, better known as skinny jeans. They can be dressed down casually or dressed up, depending on what top you choose. Trust me, they’re a real life saver.

BLAZER, CROPPED CARDIGAN and THE WRAP KIMONO – Must have tops! Just throw them over work separates and come every season, they deliver. Whether you are on the way to the office in the morning or out to a dinner later that night, these items work with you, never against you. Just keep in mind to try each and every piece before purchasing as some fits should be a bit loose or a bit tight to really show off the trend or your figure.

The secret to good style every day must start with our all-time favourite and fail-safe item, THE DRESS – Always say yes to the dress! It’s an easy put-on item that you don’t have to match three garments with in the winter. And you can just grab a matching clutch or purse in the summer. Even a linen A-line dress can be dressed up easily with matching accessories, a jacket and pumps for a meeting, or dressed down to visit your local beach for a tan.

There are so many items to choose from in any season which are timeless and worth every penny spent; those kinds of trends and pieces that will match with almost anything in your wardrobe and would definitely complement the look you are going for. Try these tips to shop the right way from now on and invest in pieces that will not only make you easy on the eye but definitely easier on your credit card!

THE PERFECT WHITE T-SHIRT AND SHIRT – These two items have evolved year after year and are found in more than a million shapes, form and size. They can be dressed uptown or casually trendy and are therefore, truly essential. Whether you are teaming it up with jeans, a suit or just layering it under a slip dress, wrap top or blazer, the ‘perfect white’ is the gift that keeps on giving. So please ladies, do take advantage of its generosity!

ANKLE BOOTS – A good pair of these should be in your footwear collection and if you are worried that boots are made for walking but never for summer, then think again. Summer boots are on and about every major runway worldwide. They are always trending, fit almost all ages and, I must stress, are deadly comfortable. So do invest in a classic cut pair this season and jazz them up with a wide range of pieces to dress up or down, no matter where you might be walking. Choose a solid basic colour or go for the nude tan hue that will help you fashionably go a long way with any look you fancy. Remember, Cinderella is proof that a new pair of the right kind of shoes can change your life!

Another wardrobe basic is non-other than the SMART WHITE or NUDE TRAINERS – These are your Superwomen, your Wonder Women and even your Guardian Angel. They will save the day, time and time again. A pair of these plain fashion trainers can come to the rescue as if you are Louis Lane and here comes Superman! Especially when you can’t stand or face another day in heels.

They are so perfect (and comfortable) to team up with our friend the t-shirt, jeans or a dress on the weekend, but equally stunning to add a modern touch of style to the office suit.
I could go on and on about basic wardrobe needs for us women, but if we just get these few picks right we can definitely be striding in style and get confident with what we choose to wear all the time.

So my beauties, think of all these tips and tricks when you next decide to go shopping and do try to get it right, while keeping in mind not to over-spend. And please remember what you really lack in your closet. Never think ‘random’ when you shop, always focus on what you really need.

Happy shopping my darlings – stay safe and fashionable!

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