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Specialising in the so-called SHA Method, this clinic merges the latest and greatest developments in genetics, medicine and anti-ageing science and tailors specific diets, therapies, exercise regiments and more to provide guests a kick-start to a healthier life

“New year, new you”, “disconnect to recconnect”, “connect with your inner self”… Forget those motivational quotes and forget what you know about wellness. SHA Wellness Clinic is redefining the concept of wellbeing. The center is not just a luxury spa hotel, but a wellness clinic, utilising a medically based approach. If you are searching for a fully immersive experience that prioritizes results, SHA is the real deal. Providing a multitude of treatments and the expertise of a highly trained medical team, this center is all about helping their guests reach their desired goals.
Located near the Bay of Altea, in Alicante, Spain, SHA sits on a beautiful mountainside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Helada Natural Park. The center has achieved international renown and come to be synonymous with a philosophy of holistic health and wellbeing. A serene escape allowing guests to devote time and attention to their own state of being. This life-changing temple offers individualised programmes to cater to every lifestyle and set of needs.

The SHA method integrates the most effective natural therapies with highly therapeutic nutrition, without neglecting the latest advances in Western medicine, especially in preventive medicine, genetics and anti-ageing. The coordinated and supervised fusion of these therapies significantly enhances the positive impact that these therapies would have on an individual basis.
GCC residents can visit the clinic and recover their general wellbeing through an experience of learning and disconnection in an ideal environment. SHA team of professionals impart an approach to new healthy habits through a food plan and personalised health plan, natural therapies and technological treatments, and lifestyle recommendations, with activities that enable learning new lifestyle habits.

Guests can opt for a 7-day Rebalance programme that will include medical services with a general health examination and laboratory testing; consultation with healthy nutrition experts and personalized health plan; natural therapies such as acupuncture, traditional massages, cryotherapy session, aquatic therapy session; mind & body session based on client needs such as yoga or meditation and fitness and an introductory fitness evaluation with a personal trainer.

The purpose of the Healthy-Ageing Unit is to slow down the process of cell degeneration and reactivate the health potential of each and every single guest. The goal is not only to prevent or reverse premature ageing after diagnosis, but also to activate stimulation and a natural reconstruction of the different processes and metabolic systems. The SHA anti-ageing therapies aim improve your quality of life using leading scientific advances to prevent premature illnesses, and the discomforts that ageing can sometimes entail. Our integrative consultation evaluates guests´ state of health from a genetic, hormonal, nutritional and biochemical point of view.

Thanks to a series of genetic tests, the talented team can identify possible predispositions to a disease, such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cognitive impairment, conditions and gum disease, amongst others. Predictive medicine allows to anticipate the potential disease through various medical tests – and by studying an individual´s genetic profile and genes. Once they are aware of the risks involved in the development of any disease, they can take suitable and necessary measures to minimise or reverse this probability, affecting a patient´s health. Correctly following preventive medicine measures will help us live longer – and ensure a better quality of life.

Nutrition at SHA is organic, healthy, energising, and well-balanced. It is inspired by ancient principles, adapted to modern day life with a flexible, practical – and appealing approach – always respecting nature’s offerings at the given time and place. It is personalised and based on individual needs. The SHA food pyramid follows the recommendations of the World Health Organisation, and for the most part guidance from Harvard Medical School and the Nutritional Science Unit of Cornell University. The SHA restaurant, SHAmadi, offers a cuisine which combines Mediterranean and Japanese traditions using fresh, organic ingredients. Meat, refined sugar, eggs and dairy are absent from SHA menus. Dishes are presented in the most aesthetic manners, and are full of rich flavours and textures so as to fulfil the most demanding palates.

Sleep is a time to recover, repair and restore. It is the basic pillar for a healthy life. Lack of sleep is one of the most frequent causes for premature ageing. Sleep disorders such as frequent awakening, snoring, insomnia, and sleep apnea are some of the most commom causes of chornic fatigue and exhaustion. The aim with the Sleep Medicine Unit at SHA is to diagnose the prevalent sleep disorders and propose a focused treatment solution. Adequate rest for the body allows for natural prevention of premature ageing.

Six buildings, all accessible by lifts and bridges, make up the SHA compound, featuring a total of 93 suites with surface areas ranging from 80 to 320m2 , as well as 11 SHA Residences, recently launched in 2018. SHA includes more than 27.000m2 of land and over 15.000m2 of gardens, including infinity pools and waterfalls, fitness room, pilates and yoga studios, an interactive kitchen for cooking classes – as well as many chill-out areas.

They have recently launched SHA Residenes, a luxurious residential project featuring 11 spacious residences ranging from 300 to 500m2, that allow guests to live the transformational experience of an ideal state of health with family or friends, with the privacy of a home.
While Spain is the current hub, stay tuned for other international openings: Mexico is set to open its doors soon, followed by SHA Emirates in 2023.

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