Samirah AlTukhaim (CP Women Of Substance 2018)

Samirah AlTukhaim (CP Women Of Substance 2018)
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“Don’t stop learning and never say it’s too late”


Please introduce yourself to our readers.
My name is Samirah Naji AlTukhaim. I am a physiotherapist working In Alamiri Hospital in Kuwait, specialized in neurology rehabilitation. My working experience is almost ten years. I have a public account on Instagram (Pt.altukhaim) with around 23.1K followers. The point behind my account is to create awareness by posting videos regularly debating various topics with interactions with the audience. For instance, explaining to the audience our role and how to prevent pain and complications in our bodies etc.

Tell us about your education.
I pursued my bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy in 2009 from the University of Kuwait. Also, after graduating, I participated in a number of workshops in Kuwait and abroad in order to develop and improve my knowledge. Later, I decided to extend my knowledge furthermore by pursuing my master’s degree in Neuro Rehabilitation in the UK. Moreover and prior to my course, I underwent an English course in the UK covering various aspects in day-to-day English and academic English, which tremendously helped in completing my higher education.

Tell us about your career journey.
I started my career in 2009. I underwent my trainee year in almost all of the hospitals located in Kuwait. I officially joined AlAmiri hospital in Kuwait following my trainee year.

How do you manage your time? Describe your average day.
I consider myself a morning person. I enjoy waking up early, having my breakfast and heading to work where I enjoy treating my patients. I also keep my social life active by going to the gym after work where I can exercise; which keeps my energy positive all the time. Then, I would have lunch with my family. Later on, I would meet up with friends to go to the movies or plan some activities.

What is your biggest strength?
My confidence is one. Another is that I am keen on learning new things in life and being up-to-date with information related to my job. Also, I am always ready to take the risk to do new things.

Do you have any weaknesses?
One of my weaknesses is that if I am given a task, I will stress over it – only because I am the kind of person who prefers perfection when delivering.

Have you made any mistakes that have made you stronger?
Yes, I have made a lot of mistakes in my life but I am happy with that because it has helped me in building my personality and to be stronger.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced during your career?
Leaving my job for two years to start my new journey (my master’s degree in the UK).

How do you stay motivated during challenging times?
I think positively and latch on to people who inspire me. Also, I exercise a lot. I control my lifestyle by keeping it healthy.

What do you do to relax?
I read the Holy Book; The Quran. I also spend some quality time with my family, with my phone switched off to avoid distraction.

What has been your proudest moment so far?
Pursuing my MSc degree in Rehabilitation from the UK. Studying abroad was a great experience for me and I literally enjoyed every aspect of it.

What is your biggest fear?
The fear of failure.

What is your favourite quote?
Always treat people according to your attitude, not theirs.

Name one item in life you can’t do without?
My phone. Not only because I constantly upload videos via instagram (for the purpose of creating awareness and debating various topics related to my job) but because nowadays you can do so much with your phone, that it makes life easier for an individual.

What’s the best advice you have ever taken?
Continue your higher education, don’t stop learning and never say it’s too late.

Share three books on your nightstand.
1.How to get what you want and want what you have
2.Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
3.The Power of Positive Thinking

In your opinion, what are the three keys to success?
Have some faith, believe in yourself and manage your time. There’s a saying in Arabic: ‘Time is like a sword, if you don’t cut it, it cuts you’. In other words, you should use time wisely by managing it constantly.

What is next for you? What would you still like to achieve?
Pursuing my Phd. Not only that, but also extending my knowledge and sharing it for the sake of awareness.

What advice would you give to young women starting out in their career?
Be patient, be on time, be creative by thinking outside the box and most importantly, always dream big!

How does it feel to be a CP Woman of Substance?
I am thankful and honored.

Your message for the team at CP magazine:
I would like to thank all of the CP team for giving me the chance to introduce myself to them and to the readers and thank you for choosing me as one of the inspiring women in Kuwait. It has been a pleasure. Appreciation!

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