Olga Kotashvili

Olga  Kotashvili
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Meet the hair care specialist devoted to making other women happy.


Tell us a little about yourself.
Well, first of all thanks for having me.
I’m Olga from Georgia. It’s a small but great country between Europe and Asia. I’ve lived in Kuwait for almost ten years and for five years I have had my own business as a hair stylist. I own the Olga Beauty Salon in Salmiya which serves the customers professionally with great respect and love.

Did you always want to be a hair stylist? How did you get started?
My experience started many years ago in Moscow, Russia, where I spent many years with my family. As a young girl I always liked to style my hair and, like many young girls, I tried to change my own hair colour or style in different ways. After my graduation, I started working in a beauty salon where I learned so many tricks about cutting, colouring and styling. At first, I considered it a job or a hobby but later, I realised it made my life much better as I was busy doing my favourite things. I actually fell in love with my hobby and it became a very important and interesting part of my life. That’s when I started to think about my future business in hair styling, which had only before been a dream.

Tell us about your first job/experience as a hair stylist.
When I came to Kuwait, I always wondered about the lifestyle of Arabic women. I couldn’t speak Arabic and was without knowledge of the Arabic culture and the character of Arabic women. I began working in a small salon where I used my experience and discovered new skills. Whilst serving my customers, I observed their needs and personalities. Later, I realised it wasn’t enough for me. I began preparing to take a big step in my life. I found trustworthy and professional staff and we got started. At first it wasn’t easy to attract customers but we focused on long term goals and had patience. Most importantly, were offered a high class service with healthy products and we cared about customer satisfaction.

“When a woman looks in the mirror she has to find herself happy and satisfied.”


What is your most favourite area to work as a hair stylist? Do you prefer cutting, colouring or hair styling?
I like to do everything! I guess most of all I like to do colouring as I like to discover new colours. I’ve found the way to mix different colours to get a new and interesting colour that makes my customers satisfied and happy. Sometimes my opinion and the request of the customer are not the same when it comes to colour. I suggest taking it step-by-step but I care about their healthy hair as well. As we all know, the style or colour doesn’t matter if the hair doesn’t look silky smooth and healthy. As well as colour, I like to cut and style hair as well. I also do makeup with great success.

Which hair styles are most popular?
When it comes to the hair style, I always follow what the customer wants. These days, it’s mostly wavy or curly, which is a daily style. Sometimes I offer a different opinion by suggesting something that will look much better and will be suitable for their hair length or face shape. We also do bridal hair and makeup.

What celebrities have you personally worked with?
This is a good question and I would be happy to count all of my celebrity customers. However, I have to respect their privacy and I guess you will understand that. I can tell you that visitors to our salon have included a TV presenter and business owners. All our customers, regardless of who they are, receive a highly professional service and a warm greeting. The door of our beauty salon is open wide for every woman who wants to keep their style or find the new style for themselves.

What is your number one hair care tip?
When it comes to hair care we can’t only talk about one important thing. Hair care requires a daily care routine. It includes the chemical-free colouring process, shampoo and conditioner (which must be also paraben free and sulfate free), hair masks, conditioning after hair wash. All of those products must be chosen according to the hair type.
As a woman, I always care about other women’s appearance and that is exactly what I’ve chosen as my life goal and passion. When a woman looks in the mirror she has to find herself happy and satisfied. In that case she’s much more successful and confident. You’ll find that all women are beautiful, just let them shine. We all deserve to be happy.

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