No Risk… No Ferrari

No Risk… No Ferrari
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A design that doesn’t hold back. A car that will take you anywhere. The Ferrari Portofino is unapologetically aggressive in appearance and power. It screams confidence, speed, and style. And the best part? It’s a Ferrari for all seasons.


This week the CP Magazine team had the pleasure of test driving a Ferrari Portofino. My mind was racing with images of Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, tearing down mountain roads in his red Ferrari in the movie Goldeneye. And sure enough, our Portofino was a stunning racing red – the perfect colour for Ferrari fans and James Bond aficionados alike.

We took the Portofino out for a spin around Kuwait before stopping at Mall 360 to snap some photos of the Ferrari in all its glory.

Our photography team was joined by Entrepreneur, consultant and Mum, Esraa Al-Bloushi, who recently received an award at the CP Women of Substance Awards 2019. Esraa and her beautiful children put the Ferrari’s four seats to the test, and enjoyed every moment of racing through Kuwait.

Throughout her business ventures, Esraa’s motto has been ‘no risk, no Ferrari’, so it felt only right for her wonderful family to join us on this driving adventure.

A flawless design

The Portofino is perfectly built so that every part of the car contributes to the driving experience. The shape of the flanks isn’t just for a sporty appearance; in fact, every contour plays a part in the Portofino’s aerodynamic shape. Each curve, edge and vent is precisely placed to relieve pressure, cut drag, and keep fuel emissions down.

And under the hood, the specific layout that differs so much from other brands of sports car is specifically designed to dissipate heat, maximise space, and save weight.

As a result, the Ferrari Portofino is authentically athletic in its appearance. The curves that cave in and arch out show that this is a car that’s built for speed. There’s depth to each and every part of the Portofino.

Complete excitement in a compact build

With the Portofino, Ferrari stripped the design back to lightweight materials, creating a light and compact concept. It weighs 80kg less than the Ferrari California T, but still it’s packed with high-tech features and power, and it’s comfortable too.

In fact, for an entry level Ferrari, the Portofino is packed with an unbelievable amount of power, making even the shortest of journeys a thrilling experience. Just resting your foot on the accelerator you’ll hear the unmistakable growl of a Ferrari turbocharged engine.

And with less weight for the V8 turbocharged engine to propel forwards, the Portofino is ready to fly. It can reach 62mph in 3.5 seconds, and 124mph in 10.8 seconds.

But as well as turning the Portofino into a speed machine, the turbo engine also cuts down the Ferrari’s emissions, making it more eco-friendly to drive.

With this concept, Ferrari have also focused on keeping the centre of gravity low, improving the way the Portofino hugs the road and easily tackles corners. The control and stability of the car make speed dangerously inviting – the car pulls beneath your feet, and you can’t help but smile as you harness the power.

Embracing comfort on grand tours

The Portofino is designed for long distance, with two modes (sport and comfort), you have control over the way you drive and the way the car responds.

Whilst sport mode entertains exciting driving, allowing hard breaking, wheel spins and aggressive gear shifts and acceleration, comfort mode makes for a smoother ride. Bumps in the road will be much less noticeable, and the Portofino’s power will be easier to contain. The softer throttle and gear changes transform the Portofino into an everyday car.
And for long journeys, there’s even a separate mode for particularly bumpy roads, so that despite being low to the ground, the Portofino glides over almost any road surface.

As for comfort, the 18-way electrically adjustable leather seats are cushioned and supportive, and allow the driver and passenger to find the perfect position for a long drive.

The infotainment system also makes it easy to connect phones through Apple CarPlay, allowing you to play music, make hands-free phone calls, and navigate to new destinations.

The retractable hard top roof breathes new life into every journey, offering scenic views of your journey, fresh air, and sunshine. Even if it’s a windy day, or the temperature outside isn’t quite warm enough, the Portofino has a wind break, keeping the cabin warm and wind-free. It also reduces wind noise. The air conditioning system is also effective when the top is down, so whatever the temperature outside, you can enjoy perfect temperatures in the Portofino cabin.

One surprising bonus to the Portofino is the size of the boot. For a Ferrari, there’s a generous amount of room for luggage in the boot, and if the two back seats aren’t being used there’s more space there too.

The verdict

We only had the Portofino for a day, but already, we’re in love. The Portofino is one of the best Ferraris for grand touring, but it’s also one of the best everyday Ferrari. It’s comfortable, surprisingly spacious, and you have the option to control the way you drive, and the feel of the car on the road.

So whether you plan on venturing far and wide with a Portofino, or it’s going to be a city runner, this Ferrari can suit just about any lifestyle. With the two back seats it can even be used as a family car.

But one thing’s for certain, this is a car for those that want to enjoy every second of every journey. There are so many options and ways to drive the Portofino, and it’s so responsive that it perfectly matches and compliments your driving style.


(Official Ferrari Dealer Kuwait)
Tel. (+965) 1808010


Photography: Hamad AlAinati @7mdphotography
Directed by: Jameel Arif @jameelarif
Model: Essra AlBloushi @octapreneur


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