New Year has come and gone and everyone around you seems to have set off with steam as they enthusiastically rolled out their new planners, created vision boards and clearly marked their goals.

You, on the other hand, may not have done so. Perhaps you weren’t in the right space to create a new chapter in your life; or maybe you were still in holiday mode and somehow didn’t feel the need. You may now feel that because everyone else around you has a plan, you’ve missed that golden opportunity and are wondering if that boat has already sailed.

My own year started with a bang with planners filled in, goals for the year jotted down and the beginning stages of implementation underway. As I introspected, I realized that I happened to be in the right frame of mind that coincided with 2018 marking its way. In hindsight, last year turned out to be a wonderful year for me, filled with new challenges and adventure. Yet I hadn’t taken the time, as I did this year, to plan as the year began.

I chatted to a colleague whose spirit is always upbeat and one who inspired many when she confessed that she hadn’t planned a thing. She wasn’t ready to begin her 2018 goal setting when the rest of us were. While she was on her own growth path, she felt extremely low, as if she had failed herself for not being part of that big New Year bang.

I’d like to remind you, as I reminded her, that there’s no reason to feel despondent. The first day of January is always a great opportunity to start afresh, but it isn’t the one and only day to do so. How blessed are we that opportunities like this can be created at any moment? If 2nd January or 12th January was when you started, have you lost out? If you still haven’t started today does it mean your year will be ruined? Certainly not! So why not decide your own ‘right time’ and follow that? If of course, that’s what you had in mind.

We are the creators of our own destinies. We have it within us to start anew at any given moment we feel the time is right for us. And guess what? There are many successful people who don’t start on 1st January. There are many people who start their goal- setting smack in the middle of the year, on their birthdays, or as a result of a need that’s brewing within. So when you are driven by a deeper, innate calling to map your path, the value it will add to your life is far greater than it may have been if you started because it was the trendy thing to do.

Find your passion and align it towards an action plan. Dig deep within and begin to carve out the rest of your year when you are ready to run. For some, goals for the year may be measurable and quantifiable. For others it may be innate – an intangible desire to fulfill and practice certain upheld values or development of character. Whatever it is, dwell on it for a while, let it run deep in your bones so that you light a fire within you. Then go out and get it!

Wishing you a blessed 2018, filled with all that your heart and soul needs and everything that nurtures who you are.

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