New Original Series, The Road Trick, Premieres Exclusively On Red Bull Tv

New Original Series, The Road Trick, Premieres Exclusively On Red Bull Tv
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Beginning on May 11 until May 26, you can discover new sides of Europe and Morocco – and their authentic cultures – in the company of an up-and-coming American talent when all 10 episodes of The Road Trick premiere exclusively at Your partner on this unpredictable and touching journey is the series’ star Adam Trent, who is one of the hottest performers among today’s new breed of magicians. Across 13 countries, he breaks through cultural barriers and gets to know the locals through the wonder of magic.
“Magic is the best ice breaker,” declares Adam. In The Road Trick, he performs mind-blowing feats with everything from mobile phones to playing cards in order to engage the people he meets – whether they are students, shamans or supermodels. Adam opens doors to places and experiences that typical tourists never witness, granting him a unique opportunity to show us the world in a way that only a magician can.

Born in Boulder, Colorado, Adam has been passionate about magic and its ability to break barriers since he first performed birthday party shows at age 9. By 14 he started street performing, and it was while earning his college degree in Los Angeles that he found the city’s music and comedy scene. “I realized that the most important element in a show is the performer’s connection to the audience,” he remembers.

Fresh, funny, and anything but traditional when it comes to magic, Adam has appeared on numerous television shows like America’s Got Talent and starred in the Broadway hit “The Illusionists.” The youngest and only magician ever to win back-to-back medals in the Pro Magic Challenge – one of the most prestigious magic competitions in the world – he has earned awards for his charity work as well as his craft. It is Adam’s down-to-earth approachability and genuine love for discovering fascinating people and places that set him apart and make him the perfect companion for viewers of The Road Trick.

Come along with Adam Trent as he “magics his way in” to make connections with the real people, places and cultures that others seldom see: The Road Trick premieres on demand with all episodes available starting May 11, 2017 – streaming only on

Red Bull TV

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Red Bull’s involvement in what were previously considered ‘less popular’ sports has propelled interest in these activities to new heights and ensured record audiences for what have become known as ‘extreme’ sports.

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