Mystic And Mystery Unfold To Reveal SUV Convenience of Porsche Cayenne S

Mystic And Mystery Unfold To Reveal SUV Convenience of Porsche Cayenne S

It’s rare that you have the opportunity to explore a vehicle as grand as the Porsche Cayenne S. This masterpiece on wheels are what driving enthusiasts live for. Yet, we have the amazing chance to test drive this vehicle for a full day to really see what this third-generation marvel could do in real driving conditions.

To help us unravel the mystery and mystic behind the Porsche Cayenne S, two colleagues from our team, Fashion Editors Carla and Marie, planned to use the vehicle as their main mode of transportation for the day. Carla and Marie are the perfect test subjects as they participate in many of our shoots and this would be right up their alley.

Love At First Sight
The day begins for Carla like any other day, except today she had traded in her ride for the very fashion-forward Porsche Cayenne S SUV. This German-made vehicle is based on the sporty Porsche 911 but retains some SUV qualities that make it fun to drive and carry everything you need along the way too. This was a good thing because Carla had quite the day planned for her and Marie.
To start her ride with the Porsche Cayenne S, Carla opened the passenger door and noticed the luxury the vehicle offered from the very start. It exuded driver confidence and greeted Carla warmly. She knew she was in for a treat with this luxurious SUV when she saw the Porsche Advanced Cockpit. Nestled in the dash panel was 12.3 in full HD touchscreen that gave Carla a feeling of excitement as she knew this would be the heart of the vehicle.

The Porsche Advanced Cockpit allows for voice commands or intuitive touch operation. Users can access services as well as the Internet through the device as well as navigation management and control. The driver’s dash also displayed that classic Porsche tachometer and two 7-inch full HD displays for complete viewing of all the vehicle systems and functions while driving. The display also includes Night Vision Assist with thermal imaging cameras for better viewing in the dark as well as a myriad of assist functions for parking, lane changes, traffic, and cruise options.

The exterior of the vehicle was just as refined. The Porsche Cayenne S featured new horizontal lighting edges for a wider and athletic stance. The length was increased by 63 mm while retaining the same wheelbase of 2,895 mm. Roof height was also adjusted and reduced by a total of 9 mm. Dimensions of the vehicle are 4,918 mm long by 1,983 mm wide. This aids in the use of the 770 L luggage compartment which Carla and Marie were going to fill quickly after their shopping trip. This is an increase of 100 L for the vehicle, making it even more convenient to run errands daily.

The Porsche Cayenne S combines the performance of a sports car with the capabilities of an off-road vehicle and the luxury of a touring car. It has a lighter chassis base and gets its high-performance abilities from the multilink rear axle and front axle engineered with a separator link. New mixed tires round out the package along with providing more stability and road grip when driving. Wheel sizes are up to 21 inches as an option for the Cayenne.

Plenty of Power
As Carla turned the engine on, she heard that familiar Porsche roar. The Porsche Cayenne S comes fully equipped with a six-cylinder engine. Carla and Marie’s Cayenne S was equipped with a 2.9 L V6 twin-turbocharged engine rated a powerful 440 hp. This is an increase of 20 hp over previous Porsche Cayenne S model. The engine achieves a torque of 550 Nm.

With this V6 engine, the Porsche Cayenne S has the ability to reach speeds as high as 265 km/h. Its Cayenne counterpart features a 3 L turbo engine rated 340 hp. This is a 40 hp boost over its predecessors for more power and performance out of the SUV. Torque rating on the base Porsche Cayenne model is 450 Nm.

And, Carla was off to pick up Marie. The two had a busy day ahead and needed to get started straight away. They headed to a local café in the heart of Kuwait to work for a few hours. This gave both women a chance to really see what the Porsche Cayenne S was made of. The vehicle has the ability to go from zero to 100 km/h in less than five seconds (with the Sport Chrono Package), so Carla knew there would be no chance that she would be late.

The twin-turbo engine matched well with the new eight-speed Tiptronic S gearbox transmission. It gave faster starts, quicker response, and provided a better ratio for an all over sporty vehicle feeling when driving the SUV. The eight gear is part of the gearbox that allows for low torque, better fuel usage, and a more relaxed driving feel, which the ladies could definitely appreciate.

Bumpy Roads Ahead
They knew that Kuwait would be congested this time of morning and they needed to make sure that the SUV could easily make its way around the obstacles that they would soon find themselves in. Sure enough, roadwork ahead! Carla put the Porsche Cayenne S into off-road mode, and it was smooth sailing through the rock and rubble. Off-road mode is pre-programmed for easy management of rough terrain. The Porsche Cayenne S offers four modes – mud, gravel, sand or rocks – to allow for complete customization of the SUV’s performance on off-road terrain.

In addition, the transmission, chassis, and differential locks can be tuned to the exact conditions of the road, which really help Carla and Maria traverse the rough gravely area of the roadwork. The ride over the bumpy terrain was only more enhanced by the Porsche 4D Chassis Control System. This allowed for real-time optimization of the Porsche Cayenne S, including the rear axle steering which really allowed Carla to control the vehicle along with many twists and turns she encountered on the way to the café.

Even the brakes on the Porsche Cayenne S are top-notch with the Porsche Surface Coated Brake on the vehicle. These high-performance brakes are an option for the Cayenne, but the SUV that Carla and Marie drove included them and the women were glad to have that extra safety precaution to rely on that incorporated cast-iron discs with a tungsten-carbide coating. This is designed to increase friction and reduce wear and brake dust. The brake calipers on the Porsche Cayenne S also add a nice touch with a sporty white hue with a gloss coating.

Also supporting the Porsche Cayenne S is the option of an adaptive air suspension with three-chamber technology – a new feature for the SUV. This is designed to increase the gap between driving a sporty vehicle and riding like a touring car. The system works by making adjustments while driving for rough terrain. The vehicle also offers an optional Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control roll stabilization to soften the ride even further. Drivers can switch from hydraulic to electric operation with the system for even shorter response times and precision when driving. It really makes those bumpy rides more comfortable as Carla, and Marie found out through the road construction they traveled.

Time For Some Shopping
Both Carla and Marie spent some time grinding their gears at the café but just couldn’t keep their eyes off the Porsche Cayenne S. It gleamed in the sunlight and just commanded an air of respect. Built with a steel and alloy construction, the Porsche Cayenne S has an all-aluminum exterior to give it that lightweight feel. Alloy is used in the floorpan assembly, front section, and almost all of the chassis components. The empty weight of the vehicle is 1985 kg – a reduction from the previous 2040 kg of the previous generation. A good portion of the weight savings of the Porsche Cayenne S occurred from the lithium-ion polymer starter battery that saved a total of 10 kg in vehicle weight vs. previous battery models.

As hard as they tried, they knew it was time to jump back in for another ride. This worked out well for the ladies that needed to head to the local mall to find an outfit that could stand up next to such a fine automobile for the shoot. They used the ParkAssist feature to get a good spot by the mall, and Marie was even able to check some emails on the way with the WiFi hotspot included.
It was a nice ride to the mall as Carla and Marie were able to get a good feel for how the Porsche Cayenne S handled. They also took advantage of the Sport Chrono Package outfitted on the SUV.

This gave them the option to drive in normal, sport, or sport plus modes. They even configured their own mode to give the trip some adventure and utilise the new Cayenne’s full driving dynamics.
It was a nice day too, and Marie and Carla were able to enjoy the Porsche Communication Management and listen to their favorite music using the new sound system from Bose. A Burmester system can also be spec’d with the SUV.

The ladies also noticed that even though they were all day with the Porsche Cayenne S, they had only consumed a small amount of fuel. The Cayenne S vehicle has a combined fuel consumption rate of 9.4-9.21/100 km. It is also an environmentally friendly vehicle which Carla and Marie both liked.


Partying In Style
Shopping was exhausting for Marie and Carla, and they were glad to be back in the comfort of the Porsche Cayenne S. With outfits in hand and a party planned for the night, Carla and Marie had some primping to do. They parked the Porsche Cayenne S and got ready at Marie’s residence for the trip.

Dressed head-to-toe in glam, the ladies were ready for a night of fun. They headed off to the event and were delighted they had the Porsche Cayenne S to mark their arrival. The vehicle’s Baskaya Blue exterior paint shimmered in the light of the cameras that lined the red carpet that welcomed them to the movie premiere.

After a long night of fun, Carla and Marie were ready to call it a night. They headed to the Porsche Cayenne S and stopped for a minute to take one last look at the vehicle in all its glory. They both were in agreement that the Porsche Cayenne S has all the features they desired for every day use and plenty of fun packed in every drive.

The SUV light up the night sky with its end-to-end strip of LEDs. A three-stage light package enhanced the overall appearance even further and made it easy for Carla and Marie to find their way back to the hotel. The headlights of the Porsche Cayenne S use LEDs as standard. Luckily for the ladies, the SUV had the Porsche Dynamic Light System which provided cornering lights and a motorway light. A matrix beam was also fitted in the headlights for added visibility and an enhanced vehicle appearance.

As the ladies left for their hotel, they took the long way around just so they could hear that engine roar one more time and hit the rails on those curves that bended the road. They really took advantage of the Porsche Traction Management system to equally move driver power to the axles. It provided just the right of hang time on the curves and made the ride fun and elating. When they arrived at their hotel, Carla and Marie bid their farewell to the Porsche Cayenne S. Their lives were changed for the better because of the first class ride they had in the vehicle.

Saying goodbye was difficult for both, but they knew in the light of day they would never forget the time they spent with the Porsche Cayenne S and all that it offers drivers and passengers alike.

The Verdict
If you couldn’t already tell, Carla and Marie, as well as all our team members, were enamored by the Porsche Cayenne S. It’s certainly not your grandma’s SUV as it comes with plenty of power, performance, and punch making it the ideal vehicle for everyday use.

We loved everything about the Porsche Cayenne S! From top-to-bottom, it has the appearance of a sports vehicle with an interior that sings. We loved the enhanced control options and loved that way that it caters to the driver. There isn’t anything that this Porsche Cayenne S can’t do it seems.

We are glad that Marie and Carla had the opportunity to drive the Porsche Cayenne S on rough terrain as well as on the smooth highway. This really gave them some good insight into how the different performance modes of the SUV operated and allowed them to feel the luxury this vehicle provided even when traversing bumps and jumps.

There’s plenty of cargo room in the Porsche Cayenne S, which just adds to the attractiveness of the vehicle. This certainly made shopping for Carla and Marie more manageable, and we can only imagine what it could do for a day out on the beach.. It’s a comfortable and luxurious while also being that vehicle that you turn to for all your traveling needs.

We do have to say this was one vehicle that we were sorry to see go. But, we were sure happy that we got to spend as much time with it as we did though with the Porsche Cayenne S. Carla and Marie loved riding in style in addition to having the safe and performance-enhanced ride that they did. They sure caused a stir when they showed up at the movie premiere event and that turned at the entrance. Both Carla and Maria felt like the belle of the ball that night, and we can certainly see why!

Creative Directions: Jameel Arif (@jameelarif)
Photography: Rashid Al-Nuaimi (@rashidpvg)
Video: Khaled (@PhantomKW)
Hair and Makeup: (@ AlRumaihMakeup)
Models: Carla Otero and Marie Auffret (@TheStylistes)
Outfits: Maje (@majeofficiel)
Boots & Handbags: All Saints (@allsaintsme)
Car: Porsche Cayenne – S / 2018 (@porschecentrekuwait)
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