My Blushing Bride …the sequel

My Blushing Bride …the sequel
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It is always discussed, often disputed, how to prepare the bridal venue, how to choose the best makeup artist and the best dress designer for that wedding gown. If I remember correctly, the importance of hair dos and don’ts are also widely debated plus a host of other really important stuff such as the menu, seating arrangements and selection of flowers; not forgetting the invitations. But as I re-read my article again just to spell check, I realized that in order to be spot on and have a truly picture-perfect bride and a memorable wedding day, one has to get prepared; and I mean seriously prepared. Because not only are all these preparations necessary, they give you that boost of beauty and that much needed self confidence that all brides-to-be need before the big day. And in order to achieve that au naturel high through un-natural ways, I’m spilling the beans and the worst kept secrets now. So get ready, this will be epic!

Being beautiful is one thing, but feeling that you are the most beautiful girl in the world at your wedding is a must. Since we live in the era of clinics, treatments and all that is artificially enhanced to make us younger and more beautiful, why not use all these services to come to the rescue and serve us with the right dose at our time of need?


What I’m really saying is there is no harm in a bit of Botox if it serves the common good of our beauty. Let’s call it a facial freshen-up, a booster for our beauty and confidence. As for how much is needed and where, leave this to the clinics you trust to advise you, and do listen to their advice because they do know best. You must be able to look and feel naturally perfected after any procedure, plus it’s very important to follow any kind of protocol that might be given to you by your doctor afterwards. For example, if you are a smoker, do stay away from nicotine and its accomplices if you want your filler to set at the right place on your face. Furthermore, Botox results look much better in a week’s time if you avoid sleeping on your side. Remember that the doctor’s orders are there to help achieve the maximum result and without any future facial regrets.

As for body and face peeling, which is on trend at the moment, try to schedule your sessions at least two or three months prior to your big day. If you make that mistake and peel away a month before the wedding date, your future husband might not appreciate all that reptilian scaly skin (even if he does love you to bits) plus you won’t be able to enjoy the beach or the sun in a bathing suit on your honeymoon; not to mention that honeymoon lingerie you picked out for the occasion!


Being and looking beautiful is hard work so for all those lucky ladies that wake up gorgeous, I salute you. Keep it going ladies! For the most and rest of us that need some extra help here and there, beauty is hard work. But the more you are at it, the better you get at it! So Kudos for us ladies too!
Until next month, stay beautiful, stay true to yourself and stay fashionable.








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