Mom Self-Care

Mom Self-Care
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As this year’s Mother’s Day gets closer, it’s time for all mothers to consider giving themselves a gift on this occasion for a change! By now, you can admit that being a mom is probably one of the hardest (thankless?) jobs you have ever signed up for. We get paid in wet-smooches from our little ones, a hug or two as they get older and sometimes a pat on the shoulder from our too-cool teenagers if we are lucky.

Despite all the hard work, moms love their kids and love their jobs. But with motherhood comes another feeling, a gnawing sensation that can eat you up inside called guilt. Guilt comes hand in hand with being a mom. Ask any mother out there from any ethnicity, colour or religion and I bet she has at least one thing she feels guilty about. While we all differ on what we feel guilty about, all moms feel guilty when practicing self-care. In fact, mom-self-care can be a novelty to the majority of mothers and at the bottom of any mom-to-do list. We put our kids, spouses, jobs, house-work and pretty much everything else first, but never ourslelves. But what happens when you put everyone else first? You end up running on empty. You end up being cranky, exhausted, tired and simply depleted of all energy. Meaning you can’t give to your family.

This Mother’s Day, make a new pact; a promise to yourself that you will make an effort to practice self-care. This will be your gift to your self that keeps on giving. How? Self-care allows you to nourish your body, mind and soul, making you a happier person, a better partner and a calmer mother. It’s a win-win situation!

Self-care does not have to be a six-hour spa day (it could be though!). Practicing self-care can be simply taking thirty minutes daily to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. Not sure where to start? Here is a list to help you:

1. Begin with the intention that you will allow yourself to take care of YOU!
2. Take a look at your schedule and de-clutter the things that eat up most of your time yet give you the least reward.
3. Cut out negative people from your life. The best place to start? Your social media feed!
4. Schedule your sleep! I know this might sound boring to some but let’s admit it. We wake up very early and most mothers – whether stay at home or working moms – are on the go the whole day. Making sure you get 7 hours of sleep is one of the first steps to taking care of yourself.
5. Stay connected! Call your friends, have a girl’s night out, schedule a date night with your husband or a leisurely breakfast with your best friend! Do not neglect your relationships especially those you hold dear. Fostering positive and happy relationships gives you a sense of belonging in the community and a great sense of love. Keep those connections strong.
6. Start a journal! Journaling could be a great way to clear your thoughts or being a creative outlet. Journaling helps calm your brain allowing you to take care of your mind and soul.
7. Make time to move but move in a way that makes you happy! Walk outdoors, sign up for a 5K race, practice yoga or Pilates, or even dance to your favourite songs! It does not matter how you move as long as you are enjoying it!
8. Remember that self-care does not have to be expensive, hard or tiring. Also self-care does not look the same to everyone. What one mom finds fun and relaxing, another mom might find depleting! Find what works for you and keep doing it!

While you’re taking care of yourself, remember to be kind, be patient, be generous, be loving and be accepting. Be all of these things to yourself first before you can be these things to others.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you AWESOME moms!!

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