Mohammad Al-Attar

Mohammad Al-Attar
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I’d like to thank CP Magazine for choosing me as an inspirational person along with all the great personalities they’ve chosen. I would also like to thank all who had a hand in helping me be where I am today.


Please tell us about yourself.
I’m an English teacher in the morning and a super hero at night – haha! I’m an adrenaline junkie and extreme sports pro athlete doing Parkour, Skydiving and B.A.S.E. jumping. I did school gymnastics during primary school and practiced Karate for 11 years (I have a black belt 3rd dan). I also did Taekwondo and bossaball at Gulf University.

Tell us about your educational background.
I studied math and science in 2007 but didn’t do well so switched to English major in Gulf University for science and technology in 2008. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English literature in 2012.

Tell us about your family.
Dad is a car fanatic. Mom was a gymnast and a volleyball player. I guess the awesome mix is clear!

Describe your family support.
My family was very concerned at where I was going with all those so called ‘dangerous sports’ but with time they saw that those sports were directed to be more of a career that gave profit through shows, performances, competition judging, TV commercials and much more. I guess that made them have more confidence in what I do. I have to admit I was also good at hiding my injuries!

Tell us about your childhood. How did your formative years lead to your success?
My dream was to be a pro gymnast. After primary school, I joined Kazma Sports Club for two weeks, only to be kicked out of the team and have my dream shattered. The reason was because as a kid I was too weak to do handstands on parallel bars. I didn’t do well when it came to fighting with kids in school either so mom and dad decided I should join karate to learn how to defend myself. So I drifted away from that dream, but it was never really gone! I was also just another kid at school, not one of those ‘cool kids’ that everybody wanted to hang out with.

Any life changing experiences?
I was sponsored by big companies in 2013 and was kind of under the spotlight. I also had many people around me, some of them the type that came with the fame. I had a severe injury in 2014, one that I thought had ended my sports career. I had to stop doing sports for two years and it really had a negative overall effect on me. But that injury had a good side too! The real friends stuck around while the others walked away. I think it was good to remember where I came from and who I was. It was good to remember that I was not one of the ‘cool kids’ and I had to climb up the ladder again to get right back on track.

Any dreams while growing up? Did they come true?
I already talked about my dream but here’s what happened next. When I was 17, right after I graduated from high school, one of my friends (Mohammad Assad) told me about a new crazy sport called Parkour, so I joined in with a few guys and started to learn whatever I could in the streets. Later on, I found out that I was really talented in Parkour and that’s when I knew I never really wanted to be a gymnast! I only wanted to learn how to move and do flips. That handstand I couldn’t do on parallel bars? Well, now I can do it on the edge of buildings!

Tell us about your earlier work experiences.
I had many jobs including a salesman in a furniture store (IKEA) and a gymnastics coach for kids.

Tell us a little about your current job.
I currently work in two jobs. The first one is in the Ministry of Education as an English teacher for intermediate school. The second is as an English teacher in the High Institution for Telecommunication and Navigation.

Define success.
Success is subjective. I believe that each personal achievement, whether big or small, is a success as long as it is in your dream’s direction.

What motivates you?
Knowing that I have a duty to show people that all Kuwaitis can succeed in their fields and can be as good as any other.

How would you like to be remembered?
A humble person who inspired many, both as an athlete and as a teacher. Also that guy who did the things people thought impossible and the dude who made flips look easy!

Your favourite thing to do?
Long car drives (when I have enough time to think and plan).

Who are your real-life heroes?
My dad. He taught us that everything can be solved through reason. I can’t remember a single time he told us to do something and answered ‘because I said so’ whenever we asked why. He always gave us a reason and convinced us that whatever he asked for needed to be done. He was always a father and a friend. So many times I heard ‘Your father is awesome’ and ‘He’s like your friend.’
Also Khaled Al-Meshari, my friend and HoD at work. He is the combination of an epic car racer and a great educator. He taught me how to be a good teacher and never take the actions of young students in class in a personal way. This helped a lot when dealing with them. He always helped me to make the most of my skills and talents both as a teacher and an athlete. I really believe he helped me to be kind to students and see them as a son.

Describe yourself in three words.
Born ready (because 3 words are just too much!)

Where do you envision yourself in five years?
Participating again in the Parkour world championship under the Kuwaiti flag – because Parkour was never limited to an age.

I believe…
That everyone can make their dreams come true if they work hard and smart enough.

What’s the secret of your success?
Mom’s prayers.

It is said that every inspirational person has been inspired by another, was that the case for you?
All the Parkour athletes and martial arts tricksters that I used to watch on YouTube were my inspiration. Also, all of my team mates, especially Abdulmohsen Al-roomi and Barrak Al-qallaf.

Your message for other people?
Follow your dreams no matter what people think. It is your duty to show them that whatever you do is great and not silly.

Your hobbies?
In addition to the sports I do, playing video games and eating sweets!

Your achievements?
Kuwait’s Parkour champ 2010. Selected as one of the top 3 Parkour athletes in Kuwait 2011. Participated in the Parkour world championship twice 2011/ 2013. Skydived over one of the world’s seven wonders in 2017 (Pyramids of Giza, Egypt). One of only 7 base jumpers in Kuwait. Won many medals in karate (+30 medals). Speed climbing 2nd place 2007 Marina Waves, Kuwait.

I am scared of….
Nothing, seriously nothing.

What is your favourite holiday spot and why?
The Maldives. It’s a quiet place with nice beaches, amazing weather and great food.

Your favourite quote?
It’s an Arabic poem that I’ll try explaining in English: Those who don’t die by sword, die by other. Death is one, but reasons differ.

On being selected as an Inspiring Man for the year…
I’d like to thank CP Magazine for choosing me as an inspirational person along with all the great personalities they’ve chosen. I would also like to thank all who had a hand in helping me be where I am today.


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