Meet The Innovators With Tass – Hassoun Mohammad AlMukhazeem

Meet The Innovators With Tass – Hassoun Mohammad AlMukhazeem
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One small idea can become a reality with determination, confidence and ambition.

Mohammad AlMukhazeem’s fitness boxing journey in New York inspired him and his partner, Abdullah Al Othman, to have their own boxing gym in Kuwait. ‘The Hook’ is Kuwait’s first specialized boxing gym and the ideal location for Mohammad to talk about his passion, dreams, and advice for future entrepreneurs.

Who inspired you to start your own business?
I have always had an interest in sports and well being and I found an opportunity in this specific sport.

Why a boxing gym and not a regular gym?
In a normal gym you train your body. In a boxing gym you train your mind, heart and body. While lifting weights will get you the abs you need for summer, boxing gives you GUTS FOR LIFE!

What and who got you into boxing?
I was introduced to boxing in the US as a form of cardio. I used to alternate between running and boxing. I found it much more engaging than a mere treadmill.

What benefits do you think boxing can add to someone’s life?
Boxing is far more than a sport. It is a great way to release stress, build character, boost confidence and get in the best shape of one’s life.

What is your target market?
Anyone with determination who can put on gloves.
What makes boxing different to any other sport?
It is a metaphor for life. We are all fighters in life in the face of what are called problems. Everyone has difficulties they face every day and sometimes feel helpless about them. Just like in a fight, one needs to learn how to stand up, maneuver, roll and knock one’s difficulties out. As the saying goes ‘life is not about how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward’.

What are the challenges you faced when you started the business?
I can talk for hours about that but I don’t like to complain. The hardest thing is setting up the business due to ministry issues, but this is normal in Kuwait.

With all the new gyms opening, where do you see ‘The Hook’ in 5 years?
It is healthy to have a wider health club industry in the country. It will help raise health consciousness and this is why we are here. We aim to expand our home-like culture in the country and educate people about the great benefits of boxing without breaking your nose or front teeth doing it.

What does ‘The Hook’ mean?
A punch with knock-out power.

How do you spend your free time?
I like to work out, engage in social activities and spend time with my family. Family is sacred to me.

As an entrepreneur, what is the advice you would give to those who are considering starting their business soon?
Do not wait for the right time, it will never come. If you have a great idea that can solve a problem in life and fulfill a need then don’t think twice.

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