Meet The Entrepreneurs: LAMEES AND LIALI

Meet The Entrepreneurs: LAMEES AND LIALI
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‘We thrive on challenges and experimentation’

Entrepreneurs, Lamees and Liali, cite Disney movies as the inspiration behind their production studio, LSQUARE. However, they know that success doesn’t come without commitment, consistency, perseverance and hard work – something the sisters have in abundance.

Hi, can you tell us about yourself and your background?
LSQUARE is a dream studio that is the brainchild of two twin sisters who have been working on this project for years. The name derives from the initials of our first names, Lamees and Liali, and reflects unique aspects of our character such as our favourite colour and fun personality. We mirror one another and tend to complete each other.

Tell us about your education.
Lamees has a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and Masters of Fine Arts in Computer Art. Liali has a Bachelor’s in Architecture and she is currently obtaining a Master’s of Architecture degree at Carnegie Mellon University

How did you get interested in Media and Marketing?
Our passion for creating motion pictures was ignited years back, since early childhood. As children, we grew up watching countless Disney movies, from The Little Mermaid, to Aladdin, to Beauty and the Beast. Along the way, we discovered that one of us has good artistic skills and a funky cartoonish style, while the other understands character movement, colours and light. It is the beauty of completing each another that made it possible for our dream to come to life.

How and when did you start your company?
After university we started working on random projects that required some character design and basic animation. We really enjoyed the fact that we complement each other; where Liali does all the sketching and character modeling, utilizing her architecture skills, Lamees works on the animation. In 2013, Lamees moved to Dubai to work on the movie ‘Bilal: A New Breed of Hero’ which is the first animated movie in the Middle East. This gave both of us a clear idea on the core vision for the studio.

What were some of the challenges you faced during the initial stage of establishing your business?
Every beginning has its difficulties, for sure. Being in a niche market and not having enough expertise in this field is the main and major challenge that we face every day. We have extremely diverse and artistic talents in our community and we thrive on challenges and experimentation. Nevertheless, 3D animation is a relatively new culture that we are trying to spread around day-by-day, in order to establish an outstanding community of our own.

Which were some of your most notable projects so far?
We have worked on many 2D and 3D projects along the year. Our latest project is ‘Baldou’. A 3D short animated film inspired from Hmarat Al Gayla which was screened at Adasa Festival 3. Moreover, we have worked on various 2D and Motion Graphics animation for a number of companies and organizations such as Boubyan Bank, Pizza Hut, Bleems and many others.

What are some of your future plans?
Our main goal as a production studio is to foster and inspire art. It is to bring original and meaningful art concepts to this part of the world. One of the major issues I have noticed in my early years in the market is the use/abuse of stock images, be it through Shutter Stock or any other stock websites. This results in the lack of creativity and less appreciation for the end design while having repetitive visuals. While our primary goal is to create original art concepts and moving media that reflect our independent identity, we also have the responsibility of providing innovative thinking caps and produce original concepts for our clients to help them become more recognizable.

What are some of your hobbies?
We each have a certain set of hobbies, but we share our joy in sports and adventure travelling. We have also played for Kuwait Tae Kwon Do National Team for some time

What according to you are the keys to success?
Commitment, consistency, perseverance and hard work.

Your message for the young entrepreneurs.
Pain is temporary, but winning is permanent.

Your message for our magazine?
Keep up the good work. There’s a lot of hidden young Kuwaiti talents and creative minds to be discovered and exposed.

















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