//Words: José Berrocoso//


In our society, nearly half of the world population has sleeping problems. Even when they do sleep, 30% of people say that they wake up tired the next morning, as if their evening hadn’t been enough to renew their energy levels.

After over three decades of research, and with the support of the best scientists in the field, HOGO has patented the only rest system in the world that protects you from external radiation, enhancing the benefits that sleep well has for your health and wellness.

Manufactured with exclusive, 100% natural ecological materials, and without any petroleum derivative, HOGO System 07 is the innovation in the rest that the 21st century was waiting for.

We meet Marino Cid, HOGO CEO, to learn more about this revolutionary rest system.

City Pages Magazine: ‘Rest better, live more’ is your claim. Why sleep quality is so important?
Marino Cid: Good sleep is synonymous of a healthy lifestyle. There is a difference between simply sleeping and properly resting, at night our bodies carry out countless regenerative functions, which is why it’s necessary that we ensure a profound restorative sleep.

CPM: What are the benefits of sleep?
MC: Our immune system is the most benefitted from adequate rest. Sleeping less than six or seven hours a night has a negative effect on the immunity functions and determines that we may develop a number of diseases according to different studies.

CPM: What are the most common mistakes people make when choosing a mattress?
MC: We consider various essential aspects when choosing a good mattress: a composition free of chemicals and plastics, and also free of metal springs, which conduct electricity and amplify the electromagnetic field.
Many people are unaware of the importance of the composition when choosing a mattress. We consider it essential that the mattress is free of chemicals and plastics, and also free of metal springs which conduct electricity and amplify the electromagnetic field.

CPM: The HOGO rest system reduces a person’s biological age by an average of 15 years. What’s the technology behind that process?
MC: The Hogo sleep system’s unique technology creates the ideal environment for optimal sleep and has various effects. It discharges the electromagnetic radiation accumulated in the body during the day, protects us from radiation while we sleep, recovers the natural geoelectric field so it has the effect we would have if we slept in nature, it regulates body temperature reducing waking up during the night due to sweating or feeling cold and the bed frame technology adapts to the lower back helping elongate the vertebrae and avoid hunching or postural issues.
Independent labs carry out a biological age study on the individual before sleeping on HOGO and then again two months later and the results are shown in all the scientific studies published so far. It’s the best guarantee we can offer our customers because if the person’s results don’t show improvements, we offer a full reimbursement, and as of today we have never had to return even a dollar.

CPM: What kind of materials are you using to improve health immediately?
MC: Our materials are selected from all over the world for their premium quality. They are 100% organic, non-toxic and sustainably sourced and processed, coconut fibre from the Amazon forest for it’s breathability, 100% natural latex from the Hevea tree, Tibetan cashmere which is not only extremely soft but also absorbs humidity and is a good insulator, Spanish graphite and silver for our patented mesh, the most prestigious merino wool from New Zealand, AA quality beech wood etc.

CPM: Is HOGO worth the money?
MC: Would you purchase a bed that scientifically guarantees a natural production of melatonin, the reduction of basal cortisol levels which is the stress hormone, the reduction of oxidative stress by which we age and the strengthening of the immune system? And all of this with no effort, simply sleeping. Remember that we spend a third of our life in bed, that is a good enough reason.
Our clients vary from international elite athletes, to Fortune 500 executives to parents concerned about their family’s health. The effects of HOGO are obvious in performance and overall wellbeing from the first day. The best guarantee for our claims are in fact the undeniable effects on our clients’ health and the scientific studies that validate them.

CPM: Can we say that HOGO is the Rolls-Royce of the luxury rest systems?
MC: We are a company that offers wellbeing and comfort, with 25 years in the market, and we share with Rolls Royce and other brands common elements such as excellence in service, handcrafted products, respect for the environment and, above all, constant innovation and research so that our sleep systems always have the scientific backing of the most prestigious universities.

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