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Makeover with Carla & Marie

Makeover with Carla & Marie
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Ramadan is the holy month. The streets go quiet during the day and in the evening the city comes alive. Incredible acts of kindness take place and everyone takes a moment to reflect and spend time with family and friends. You may be wondering how this introduction actually applies to our monthly makeover section. Well, we have tried to also bring joy, colour and a surprise factor to this month’s makeover. We hope you enjoy it and above all we wish you ‘Ramadam Kareem’

Anneken, please introduce yourself to our readers:

My name is Anneken and I have just turned 40. I am Estonian and live in Dubai working as a make-up artist for TV Commercials and editorials.

What made you feel you needed the help of Carla & Marie and what do you expect from this experience?

Turning 40 feels like a new phase in life, but rather than feeling I should be more serious or look more classic, I feel quite the opposite. I want to bring on the outside the person I feel on the inside – happy, colourful and fun. I kindly asked Carla and Marie to help me achieve my dream of a new me. I trust them and I am very excited to see how this makeover experience turns out.

Now, let the makeover begin!


Colour is a key part to every person’s look, the colour of our hair, the colour of our lipstick, the colour of our outfit and accessories. It all sends a message about you. When analysing a person’s image, the first step is testing warm vs. cool colours in order to discover his or her optimal colour palette. This colour analysis applies to hair, make-up and wardrobe.

Let’s get down to business with our client Anneken. If we look at the two images of the colour analysis performed on Anneken, the one on the left shows warm colours and the one on the right cool colours. One of them brings Anneken more youth, more brightness and is definitely more flattering for her. On the other hand, the other colour palette has the opposite effect. We have concluded that she looks a million times better in the cool shades as oppose to the warm shades, which means Anneken is of cool undertone. Due to her fair skin, light colour of eyes and cool undertone, she is classified as ‘Summer’ colour palette, with softer shades of cool colours.


As individuals, we tend to feel more attracted towards silver or yellow gold. But the question is, is our favourite metal for our jewellery, accessories and even clothes, really the most flattering for us?

Looking at Anneken’s image, silver near her face brings light and freshness, whereas gold makes her look pale, yellow and it ages her. Therefore, we conclude our client’s optimal metal is silver.


We all have different body shapes, which we should embrace and make it work to our advantage. How do we do that? By choosing those garments and accessories that enhance our best body parts and camouflage those we are not so confident about. In order to make the most of our appearance and our body, the body shape analysis plays a key role.

Let’s analyse Anneken’s proportions. When measuring her, we realise that her shoulders, waist and hips are pretty much in line, which indicates that Anneken is a ‘Rectangle’ body type. The amazing part of her shape is that she can wear ruffles, big prints, oversized cuts and big or small belts. In other words, any form or shape that creates volume, rectangle shape people can take. In the case of our client, what we aim to create is the illusion of bigger shoulders and hips but smaller waist. We have achieved this by:

  • Giving her an oversized t-shirt with a big print, which instantly creates volume on the upper body.
  • By adding a belt, we accentuate her waist.
  • Finally, a pencil skirt with textured fabric also creates the illusion of more volume, even though the skirt is a straight cut.


Without a shadow of a doubt, this is one of our favourite parts of the makeover process. Somehow hair and make-up make such a dramatic impact on all of our clients – in a positive way of course!

Anneken came to us craving a change. After numerous analyses and a long chat with her, we decided to give her something extraordinary that really showed with her creative, fun and outgoing personality. A dramatic red hair with a retro feel to it was all she needed.

Even though Anneken is of cool undertone, against all odds this daring shade of copper looks fantastic on our her. She now looks outgoing, fun and confident. Wouldn’t you agree?

We kept the make-up pinkish and simple to let the hair do the talking.


Last but not least is ‘The Outfit’. Based on the analysis previously described, Anneken is cool undertone and Rectangle shape, therefore we have selected cool colours in the shades of white, red, blue and pink. Doesn’t she really rock those colours?

In terms of style, the retro feel of her hairstyle is blending perfectly with her outfit. Her makeover look showcases a mix between a rock star – represented by her t-shirt – and a very feminine lady – achieved with her skirt, belt and sandals.

We hope you enjoyed this makeover. Now let’s see what Anneken has to say…


All I can say is ‘Wow! I love it’. Carla and Marie have taken very seriously the colourful and fun part of my wishes. Now on a more serious note, it has been an incredible experience and I love the new me. I feel daring, fun and full of life. Thank you so much girls and of course, a big thank you to Maison the Joelle, they are the best!


Photography: Vania Attieh (

Hair & Makeup: Maison de Joelle

Anneken’s outfit: Sandro

Carla & Marie’s Wardrobe: Sandro

Image Consultants: Carla Otero & Marie Auffret (IG: thestylistes)

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