Makeover with Carla & Marie – Wedding Special

Makeover with Carla & Marie – Wedding Special
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When little girls dream about their weddings, they imagine a beautiful princess dress, flawless hair and make-up and the perfect venue taken right from a fairy tale. As time passes, their dream wedding becomes a reality and unexpected struggles and doubts suddenly appear in the form of these questions:
Which shape of dress fits me best?
Which shade of white is more flattering for me?
Shall I have my hair up or down?
Natural make-up or strong make-up?
These doubts can make any bride very nervous and insecure. Fortunately, image consultants like ourselves can make this process seem very easy with the right set of analysis and tips. We make any bride look and feel fantastic on her wedding day!
So let’s go straight into business with our wedding special client, Sandy.

Sandy, please introduce yourself to our readers:
Hi guys, my name is Sandy and I am 24 years old. I was born and raised in Dubai and I currently work at a production house. I consider myself to be quite lucky in my personal and professional life.
What made you feel you needed the help of Carla & Marie for a bridal makeover and what do you expect from this experience?
I always dreamed of getting married in a white dress, but somehow I don’t know where to start. There are too many choices and I don’t really know what looks good on me. I really feel I need the help of professionals, and having followed their work closely I get the feeling these two girls know a thing or two about styling brides.
Now, let the makeover begin!

The power of colour is extraordinary and this also applies to wedding dresses, even if we think there is not much of that on a white wedding dress. Let’s bear in mind that the correct shade of white for a wedding dress is as important as having the right shape of dress. You are about to discover our client Sandy’s optimal shade of white.
In order to find out our client’s best dress colour we start by draping Sandy with different shades of white, off-white and beige fabrics. The result of the analysis shows that our client really brightens up with pure white fabrics, meaning that she has a cool skin undertone and this shade really flatters her complexion. On the other hand, the off-white and beige fabrics seem to age her and make her skin look yellow.

The silver vs. gold analysis will help us determine whether Sandy looks better with white gold or yellow gold. For a bride, this analysis is very important as it guides us towards our optimal metal for Sandy. This applies not only to jewellery but also any embroidery on her wedding dress. Sandy’s result is a clear silver, so we will take a note of this information when we search for her accessories and dress.

Understanding our bride’s body shape is a key element when it comes to selecting her perfect wedding dress. Our aim with this analysis is to highlight our client’s best assets and to camouflage those parts that she feels less confident about.
Sandy has a gorgeous hourglass figure, which means her hips and shoulders are in line and she has a smaller waist. This is one of the most balanced body figures of the 5 body shape types.
Let’s look at Sandy’s body shape analysis in more detail:
– Waist: Our focus with Sandy’s body will be on her waist. By having a fitted top that ends at her waist and by adding a thin belt, we accentuate this body part. We also added an A-line skirt, which creates a balanced figure in line with her shoulders.
– Neckline: When it comes to the neckline, Sandy needs to have a v-neckline in order to elongate her upper body and give the illusion of space. This neckline also has a wonderful slimming effect. For all ladies with a large bust, a V-neckline is a must!
– Sleeves: The perfect length for Sandy’s sleeves is 3/4, as this sleeve length ends at the smallest part of her arms, therefore adding another slimming illusion to her body.

Moving on to the beauty part of the makeover, here comes the hair. Hair is a very important component for any bride’s big day and Sandy is no different. We decided to keep Sandy’s hair young, fresh and natural. Since she has a very long hair, an up-do with natural waves will do the trick. And why not add a side braid to her hair up-do to add some fun and youth to her look? What do you think about the final result? We must admit we couldn’t have done it without the magic hands of the great professionals at Maison de Joelle. Thumbs up to all of them!

Now, the big question is what type of make-up is best for weddings, natural make-up or full-on make-up? The thing is, there is no right or wrong answer to this question; it all depends on the person and her personality. One must begin by searching what suits her best and what she feels comfortable in. In the case of Sandy, she normally wears minimal make-up so adding strong make-up to her bridal look would not have been a good choice. So natural make-up it is for Sandy!
Following the colour analysis we performed on her earlier, we know she is cool. This means she looks great with pink shades, so her make-up is kept fresh and pinkish, with a dramatic black liner to define her beautiful almond shape eyes. Now we can say she is almost ready!

We are now talking business with ‘The Dress’. How important is the dress to a bride? Well very much so! Therefore we are taking our job very seriously when it comes to choosing Sandy’s perfect dress.
Following the results of the colour and body shape analysis, it all indicates that our client needs a pure white dress, V-neck line, A line skirt cut and 3/4 length sleeves. And voila! We have just found the perfect dress ticking all those boxes plus some more! The silver embroidery on the top part of her dress just brings the perfect level of sparkle needed for the big day. Congrats Sandy, you look INCREDIBLE!
I am speechless. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect dress, hair and make-up. I actually feel so good about myself and so pretty as well. I have learned so much about colours and styles that suit me. Thank you so much Carla and Marie, you are awesome! Also, a big thank you to ‘Maison de Joelle’, they have treated me like a princess and did a fantastic job. I will remember this experience for the rest of my life!

Photography: Vania Attieh (
Hair & Makeup: Maison de Joelle
Wedding dress: ESPOSA
Carla & Marie’s Wardrobe: Sandro
Image Consultants: Carla Otero & Marie Auffret (IG: thestylistes)

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